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  1. Kroswind

    Kroswind New Member

    I've had this phone for a few weeks now. First thing I did when I got it was throw down juice defender after seeing the laughable 4 hour talk time/6 hour idle time rating on virgin mobiles website. Since I've had it, juice defender seems to really be helping. I leave the phone on all night while im at work, and at the end of the day, its been on for around 12 or so hours. While it is in sleep mode most of the time, I usually only use about 30-40% of the total battery life.

    Tonight though, was a totally different story. Im not completely sure what happened, but around 4 AM this morning (I work 3rd shift), I noticed the phone felt extremely hot in my pocket. I actually thought my battery over heated and burst at one point. So I pulled the phone out, only to find my battery life was down to around 20-15%. The phone was in sleep mode in my pocket the entire time. To my knowledge, I didnt have ANYTHING running that would have any reason to be using my freaking cpu at 100%. I dont play/have any games on this phone. The only apps I run are the browser and IMO(an MSN messenger app). Aside from juice defender, thats all I had running. Im assuming juice defender crashed and something hardcore went down that I didnt know about? Has anyone else experience anything like this? I'd like to have some kind of idea what exactly went down so I can try to avoid it later on. TBH, this phones not really worth having if its going to die constantly like this. This is the first time this has ever happened. I even checked the battery usage chart in the settings menu, and whatever happened was extremely dramatic. Around 3 AM or so something straight up sucked the life right out of this thing. I dunno if that page I had up in my browser was trying to refresh or what, but its a straight decline around that time.

    This is the first smart phone I've ever owned though, so im still kind of getting used to it I guess. Though, I always figured smart phones were kind of jank, mainly because of all the other portable devices I've used in the past that are capable of internet connectivity, such as the psp. So far I've been pretty impressed with this phone, the browser works better than any other mobile device ive ever used, and its actually capable of doing all the things I wanted to do in the past. I've looked around for an extended battery, but so far, I dont think they make them for this model of phone yet. Or at least, I havent been able to find one.

  2. Cruzzer26

    Cruzzer26 Member

    same thing happened to me with my OPS that's why I returned it and stayed with my V... I started a thread about battery issues with the slider but no one replied back so I guess its just and I that had problems with it! Not knocking the slider it was great, the speed the keyboard and the screen was nice but I needed a phone that the battery lasts at least 8 HOURS!
  3. Snuffleupagus

    Snuffleupagus New Member

    The same thing happened to me today. I went to work with 100% charge. Approximately 7 hours later, I checked the phone and it was completely dead.

    I use Juice Defender, GPS off, auto-sync off. I've had the phone for about 1 1/2 weeks and in that time have never had any problems. I don't use the phone much, if at all, while at work. With these settings and it not in use for 9 hours, I'd still have about 95% charge remaining.

    But today after 7 hours the battery was completely drained. I have no idea what happened. I contact VM about this issue.

    I may go to the Optimus V since it's a tried and true phone based on reviews I've read.
  4. Kroswind

    Kroswind New Member

    I see. Thanks for the replies, at least now I know im not the only one with this issue. Went to worth with it again tonight after a full charge and didnt experience any problems. Im guessing there must just be some glitch in the OS or something that will cause this from time to time? I notice a lot of apps seem pretty unstable on Android (which tbh, im not surprised, since I heard its based off linux, and in my experience with linux, a lot linux programs seem to be unsupported and filled with bugs/glitches), so im thinking something may have crashed while the phone was sleeping and tried to restart itself time and time again, thus draining my battery. Thats why I think juice defender may have crashed on me, since that app is set to launch when the phone starts, and I could see it trying to restart itself as a system resource. Whatever happened, I could feel some major heat being generated from the battery/cpu, so some process had to be going. Maybe I got some kind of root kit? I recently heard root kits have been floating around on android phones. Dunno if theres any truth to that though.

    I dont really want to go with another phone, because of the keypad. I cant use that touch screen keyboard, its way too small and clunky for me. This seemed to be the only model they have that had everything I wanted. My friend at work has the other model they sell with the keypad, but the screens smaller on it. As long as this isnt going to turn into a daily problem, I think ill be alright.
  5. LazrJay

    LazrJay Member

    My problems (same as noted above) disappeared after Juice Defender + turning off GPS + turn off WiFi + complete battery charge with phone off + start phone without removing charger.

    Might have just been my luck, but I went from 6-7 hours standby to 2 days.
  6. hwnsrfr09

    hwnsrfr09 New Member

    I bought this phone two days ago. The first day, after I got it, I went to my boyfriend's house and charged it. We started watching a movie and about half an hour I went to check it. My phone screen said,"warning! Battery overheating remove from charger now" So I did what it said, and the battery was so hot it almost burned me. I brought it back to radio shack right away, this is no less than 2 hours after my purchase. They didn't understand why it was doing it and blamed it on the charger, so they gave me a new one. I went home after this, to charge it at my house. The battery didn't leave a message but the same thing happened. I took it back, they said it must be the phone, so they switched it for a new one of the same model. I charged it fully, and took it off. I went on the market to download pandora, which took only a moment, sent one text, and went to sleep, I woke up at 6 to check the time, and what do you know? ITS DEAD. I can't keep a phone that dies within a few hours. I may have used to have a crap phone before with non working apps, but at least it could hold a battery for a few days. A few hours is absolutely ridiculous. I thought it was just my particular phone, but I guess its good to know that it is the actual model.
  7. sunuiuc

    sunuiuc New Member

    guys, I bought my girlfriend LG Optimus slider as a christmas gift. After her it for a day, she told me that her battery was mostly drained despite it was sitting idle for 8 hours or so. I ended up installing Antutu CPU master from droid market and set her CPU speed to 480mHz instead of 800mHz since she wouldn't be doing alot of internet stuff. After adjusting her CPU speed to 480mHZ, her phone only used 5% of the battery with 8 hrs standby. You can easily change the CPU speed based on your need. I strongly recommend finding a software that could manage your processor speed (ie. Antutu CPU master). Unfortunately, the phone has to be rooted in order to run Antutu CPU as a super user so if you are certain that you will not return your phone to VM, go ahead and give it a shot. Good luck.
  8. Racj

    Racj Member

    As someone else mentioned, I loaded the Juice Defender App and went from about 7 hours of battery life, to having 35% after 24 hrs. I'm using the free version on the balanced setting, which is how it is set up when you download it. Its available on the Android Market and you don't have to root.
  9. pearlygates

    pearlygates Member

    I have the Optimus slider as well and am experiencing some of the same issues with regards to short battery life. I found on ebay extended life batteries for this phone and am plannking to order one this week. Will post findings once I test it.
  10. zargo

    zargo New Member

    I noticed that when I switched off wi-fi my battery life seemed to double.
  11. estabien

    estabien Active Member

    after downloading No Frills CPU (root required) and underclocking to 480 instead of 800, i've noticed a huge difference in battery. I also got JuiceDefender Ultimate and turned off Wifi for games and such...
  12. mbardera

    mbardera Member

    What did you find out about the extended battery? Does it work?
  13. Barky

    Barky Active Member

    I made several adjustments that have helped my battery life considerably.

    Screen timeout set to 1 min. You can go even lower if you can stand it.

    Turned off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Turn on only if needed.

    Turned down screen brightness. You'd be surprised how much you can lower it and still see it just fine, indoors at least. Mine's down to about 1/4 after this was mentioned in another thread.

    To stop an app, you might need to use its Exit button rather than just backing out. Just because an app isn't displayed on your screen doesn't always mean it's not running. Once you become familiar with your different apps, you'll know how to close them. When in doubt, you can go into Manage apps to check to see what's running. There's just a few items there that you don't have the option to stop.
  14. I started this issue in another post about LG Optimus Slider not powering off. I bought this phone the first day it came out, it's my first smartphone. VM ended up replacing it because it was not powering down correctly, would reboot itself. That issue has been fine (so far) with the replacement phone.

    However, I've experienced similar battery issues, including today and yesterday, I've barely used the phone (no web surfing) and it just died later in the day. One time I had it happen as well where the back cover and battery was hot. I charge my phone every night and the fact that it takes SO long to recharge when it dies, doesn't help. It just happened to me approx 30 minutes ago and I've got it charging through the computer and it's been stuck on "Charging (6%)" now for the almost 30 minutes and the back cover is warm, it's sitting on my desk. I just unplugged the USB and plugged it back in, doesn't look like anything is happening except that it's back to "Charging (6%)". AARRGGHH!
  15. Barky

    Barky Active Member

    Have you taken any of the steps that are suggested to conserve battery power?
  16. DavidLuvLB

    DavidLuvLB Member

    Keep a spare battery... Easily replaceable.
  17. mbardera

    mbardera Member

    Bought the larger battery which the phone is thicker but battery life is 3x longer!! Love the phone now. Purchased the batter on Ebay from Japan which took 3 weeks to get here but is well worth the wait!
  18. supportcom

    supportcom New Member

    I own a LG Optimus 2X and it provides a decent battery life. I have noticed that keeping Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth turned off when not in use further extends the battery life. However, turning on and off these services manually can be painful.. i have been using cosmos for smartphone from past few months have noticed some improvement in the battery life. The app is free and also cleans junk data stored on the phone. Highly recommended! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.support.cosmos
  19. 0LDSK00LHXC80

    0LDSK00LHXC80 Member

    The title of this thread mislead me...

    I thought it was referring to the ridiculous LENGTH of the battery life. I applied MobsterROM 1.4 with Ginger Kernel and I was able keep my Slider on for 108 hours in Airplane Mode before I plugged it again, at 35%. Seriously.

    That wasn't just idle time, either. During those 3 days I used WiFi to surf the web and download apps and I also played a number of rounds of Draw Something.

    Granted, the radio was not turned on and that will save TONS of juice, I would venture to say that given my experience, this phone qualifies as having ridiculous battery life. But in a good way.

    Thanks to all the devs here. Keep up the good work.
  20. MythMadeLegend

    MythMadeLegend New Member

    Yes turning off your gps, bluetooth, wifi and turning down the brightness of your screen are all great ideas to extend the battery life of your lg optimus slider phone. I used to have my screen at about 10 percent of brightness, then I got use to it and just turned it all the way down and I can see the screen just fine indoors. Also, leaving any web page open drastically drains the battery. You'll need to close all your windows that are open in the web browser you are using, so the page/s don't kill your battery. Another tip, turn your phone off to charge it. I went from a nearly dead battery to about 95 % charged in 20/30 mins, while charging my phone when it is turned off.
  21. tilob

    tilob New Member

    Most of the time my battery drains from fully charged within few hours while on full standby with all communications turned off. I noticed though at times turning GPS on or Wi-Fi "On" actually prolongs the battery life :D. At times suddenly the battery does not drain or drains very little on standby. I have also seen the battery status icon showing the phone still charging while the charger is unplugged. The battery usage always shows the Mediaserver as being the major battery life user. I bet Google OS or LG service has a problem with not idling applications while on a standby mode. I am getting tired of this and am looking for a new phone (not Android this time).

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