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  1. Siebn

    Siebn Member


    I developed a new Tower Defense game and now I'm looking for a few beta testers:


    The game mechanics are similar to GemCraft.
    Feedback about the balancing is very much appreciated.



    * Rings in 7 colors. Every color has a special effect: Poison, Slow, ...
    * Combine rings with different colors to create new special effects.
    * Place the rings in towers, lasers, generators, traps, ... to kill thousands of creeps.
    * Build a maze with towers so your enemies have a long way to travel.
    * Every ring is upgradeable 42 times.
    * Play 7 unique game modes like Sudden Death, Time Trial or Endurance.
    * Throw ring bombs.
    * 100% wonderful vector graphics.
    * More than 100 kinds of monsters. Kill bugs, dictators, shapes from Tetris or even Pac-Man and his friends.
    * More than 25 skills that help you to kill more creeps.
    * A level editor to create and uploaded your own maps and campaigns.

  2. Nexus5

    Nexus5 Active Member

    I'd be happy to look at an .apk and give feedback.

    I'm on 2.3.7 though, a bit old?

    IPWNPACIFISTS Well-Known Member

    I'm in
  4. Siebn

    Siebn Member

  5. Siebn

    Siebn Member

    * Added sound effects
    * Added help texts
    * Added new tutorials
    * Minor balancing
    * App doesn't crash when powering off Device (Android 4.x)
    * App continues running after home key was pressed (Android 4.x)
    * Fixed bugs
  6. mrsnipey

    mrsnipey New Member

    Been playing your game for a week now. One of my main gripes with it is that the 'next level' button is right above my 'back' button on my tablet. (ASUS Transformer - TF101).
    Sometimes I end up pressing the back button rather than 'next level' button.
    It's only minor.

    The only other thing I can think of would be the ability to increase your 'maximum' energy so you can keep buying more towers. As you keep buying more towers they get more expensive so after a while you can't buy any more.

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