Ring tone and alarm tone has speech added since ICS updateSupport

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  1. LittleRascal

    LittleRascal New Member

    Since updating to ICS recently on my Galaxy Note there is an annoying voice that comes on over my usual ring tone to tell me who's calling, it also does it when my alarm goes off too, telling me what time it is. I have looked and looked through my settings and can't find a way to switch this off. Anyone know how please??:confused:

  2. climbers_uk

    climbers_uk Active Member

    Try having a look in your settings, under "language and input" then "text -to - speech" and have a look to see if there is a tick in "Driving mode"
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  3. LittleRascal

    LittleRascal New Member

    Thank you so much climbers_uk, you're a star! All sorted.
  4. UPS92008

    UPS92008 Active Member

    I just did a search of this. It has bugged me to no end with the voice. I never noticed the driving mode was turned on. Problem solved on my note 2. THANK YOU!!! =]

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