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Ring Tones/Samsung Acclaim

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  1. sylviawaldsmith

    sylviawaldsmith New Member

    Please forgive me if this has been addressed!

    I just picked up the Acclaim. I was a Crackberry moving up to Android with US Cellular. I transferred my ringtones from my BB to the Acclaim with Bluetooth and actually found them on the Acclaim, but can't figure out how to use them.

    How do I assign ringtones, or get them to the correct folder!

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. dcollins23

    dcollins23 Active Member


    Go to your contacts and select one. Touch the Menu button (top left of the four buttons on the actual phone) and click Options. You'll then see the option to select a ringtone for that contact.
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  3. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    With your phone connected to a computer, create a directory on the memory card named Ringtones (Case-sensitive). You might also want to create another named Notifications. Into these, you can copy any ringtones you'd like to use on the phone. Do make sure the first letter is capitalized, as Linux is case-sensitive.
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  4. sylviawaldsmith

    sylviawaldsmith New Member

    Unfortunately, the only ringtones I find are the ones provided with the Acclaim!

    Thanks for your response, though! I appreciate you taking the time!

  5. sylviawaldsmith

    sylviawaldsmith New Member

    RASmith: I have the ringtones in a folder (on my phone) called ringtones, but how do I move them from that folder to a usable place?

    They do not appear in the listing of ringtones when I try to change the ringtone for a particular contact.

  6. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    The folder has to be named "Ringtones," not "ringtones." Linux, which Android is, sees the difference in case. Ringtones, ringtones, and RINGTONES would be looked at as three different directories to Linux, whereas in Windows, they'd be seen as copies of the same thing. So, rename your folder with the ringtones to Ringtones. You may have to then unmount, remove, and reinstall your MicroSD card for Android to pick up the change.

    Also, if you want any of your tones to be used as notifications (email, sms, alarms, etc), you will need to create a folder name Notifications (note the capital N) and copy tones to it. Ringtones are only for phone calls.
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  7. chiefs6770

    chiefs6770 New Member

    make sure you have search set to available for the folder
  8. suXor

    suXor Well-Known Member

    Also, using a program like "Astro" in the market will allow you to find the file anywhere and press and hold to set it as a ringtone.
  9. wonderful

    wonderful New Member

    OK, so I set the ringtone to the contact, but when that contact calls it still rings the default ringtone, and not the one I set for that specific contact... I tried putting a 1 in front of the number to see if that worked.. no luck. I also turned the phone off and back on... Still won't work, any ideas??
  10. cheyenne02

    cheyenne02 New Member

    is there an app i can use to be able to set individual txt tones for each contact in my phone, as well as one standard tone for everyone i chose to leave as default??
  11. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    wonderful, if you went into Contacts, selected the desired contact, then went to Menu > Options > Ringtone and set the ringtone you wanted there, it should work, if your phone hasn't been altered by a 3rd party application.

    cheyenne, I believe that Handsent SMS may allow that functionality, but keep in mind my response to wonderful! 3rd party apps may alter things in ways we don't anticipate or want.

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