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ringback tones

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  1. lobe50

    lobe50 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know about ringback tones on the Droid? When I got my Droid the sales Rep stated some benefits over my BB Storm were cheaper data plan, free visual vm, and free ringback tones.
    where do we get them? You can't thru Verizon site they said you need to use a Droid app , but I can't find any app ?
    anyone know about this?

  2. SlaveUnit

    SlaveUnit Well-Known Member

    You were lied to on many accounts. The data isnt cheaper. Visual voice mail isnt free. So I doubt ringback is free.

    You could maybe say that visual voice mail is free if you use google talk but a rep wouldnt say that. Really shows that reps cant be trusted for sh*t.
  3. Backnblack

    Backnblack Well-Known Member

    Hello....If a salesman moves his lips he is lying...
  4. lobe50

    lobe50 Well-Known Member

    yeah the visual vm & ringbacks sounded odd. The data plan might be right, I was paying 44.99 mth for bb plan, and now its 29.99....
    Better go ck my bill......LOL
    so is there any way to set ringback other than verizon site?
    how about ringtones, can we set any of the songs on the phone as a ringer? I will try now: )
  5. paullson

    paullson Member

    Yeah no free Visual VM or Ringbacks heh
  6. SlaveUnit

    SlaveUnit Well-Known Member

    On the BB, unless you were the blackberry servers for mail you should have only been paying $30 for data.
  7. lobe50

    lobe50 Well-Known Member

    Yeah just called Verizon.... My current plan is 29.99 unlimited access
    My old BB plan was 44.99.

    She said she did not know why they had me on that plan???
    Shame on me for not knowing any better.

    And Yes Visual VoiceMail IS NOT FREE. I told them thier Rep needs to go back to Verizon school, and they took it off my bill.

    I tried the ringtone and my songs work fine :)
    So I guess no ringback though :(
  8. GrOoVyBeCcA

    GrOoVyBeCcA Member

    The 44.99 data plan is for people who use their mobile internet to connect it to their computers. The 29.99 is for mobile use only. And the ringback is NOT free. Verizon actually charges .99/month for that service :( ... It sucks
  9. daelkins827

    daelkins827 New Member

    ringbacks can be bought if u get the app "V CAST tones" in the android market....sucks that they arent free but if u want a ringback tone so bad tht ur willing to spend $1.99 on then this is the only way to get it lol.
  10. tmcewan259

    tmcewan259 Well-Known Member

    Groovy -

    When you say "The 44.99 data plan is for people who use their mobile internet to connect it to their computers. The 29.99 is for mobile use only."

    What does that mean. I have a droid as does my daughter. We do not tether (if thats what you mean by connect to computers?) Can you break down the difference between $29 and $44. Appreciate it.

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