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  1. z3r0

    z3r0 Member

    Back in late Nov. Im not sure if everyone noticed the Boost Music app that you can now download. From there you can buy music, ring tones, and ringback tones. Ringback tones used to only be available to the IDN phones but now Boost has switched and closed that store and now all the above work with Boost's CDMA line of phones. In Dec. I thought I would try the ringback service out and it has never worked. I have talked to 3 customer service reps that when through everything from resetting my phone to re-downloading and applying the tone to all callers, after hour callers, and placing the music in the shuffle (since I only bought the service and one song It would only still play the one song). Nothing worked. I was then transferred to a tech rep. who ran me through basically the same processes then gave me a ticket number and said to expect a call from a local engineer to talk about the issue. That said I have gone through this process three times and an engineer has only called me back once. Since I didnt hear anything back since then (its been over a week), I called back again today. Ive started the process all over again. My question is, has anyone used this service and gotten it to work? The closest I have gotten the service to work is when the call center calls my phone, but no other carrier or land line will work. So, just a heads up stay away from this service if you are in so.cal till they get the bugs worked out.

    Anyone have any luck with the ringback service?

  2. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Ringback tones? This has been talked about before. If you search there is another thread about this. Boost has stopped supporting Ringback tones. I think there was a formal announcement (through text) that they'll stop supporting it.

    Yes. That means that when someone calls you they'll hear the boring old beep beep that people have been hearing since the days of Mr. Alex Bell. But honestly I do not want to hear what you consider music when I call you. Call me old fashioned but when I call someone and they let me know what their choice of music is I either file them under juvenile or I file them under the people who invite me to their party while I'm waiting at the stop light next to their car... Come on. I only get to hear it for a good 10 seconds anyway. What's the point?

    Hope someone can help you... I certainty cannot.
  3. z3r0

    z3r0 Member

    The formal announcement was for iDEN users. They stopped supporting them for tones, etc.. If you take a look at your phone go to the app "boost zone" --->"Boost applications" you'll see "Boost mobile music store." You can also do a search in the market place and see that there is an official app called "Boost Music" where you can buy DRM free music, ringtones, and YES Ringbacktones! If you look for the older Boost store that was online and only supported iDEN phones you will see its been shut down. Boost is now using Sprints system for selling music for CDMA phones.

    I like to have fun with my phone and goof on some of my friends, whats wrong with making some of your friends listen to some crappy music for a laugh? Everyone else gets the old mans "ring...ring...ring," while I get to force my friends to listen to the new Katie Parry song, or some old late 80's hairband... lol classic :D. There really is a huge choice of options and who cares if I want it working and you don't? To each his own. Judging by the number of downloads I'd say im not the only one. I'd also say im not the only one with this problem. Im asking for help not sarcastic criticism.

    "These are not the two droids you are looking for move along..." Im sure you will repeat that. lol :p
  4. SulkyAndroid17

    SulkyAndroid17 Well-Known Member

    Judging by the atrocious app rating I would say that it doesn't work correctly like the majority of Boost's software. But I have a question about what you said.

    I don't see how any of that would help you. Call Tones should be on Boost's side. If not they would be hacked. Also, cdma phones don't transmit data well while making a call. And "placing the music in the shuffle?" What is that? You're not using a song from your music playlist are you?
  5. z3r0

    z3r0 Member

    Yes, "call tones" are on boost side, but the app tells boosts "towers (servers,)" if you will, when a person you designate for a ringbacktone is calling. So when then call, they are flagged and the specified tone for that caller plays for them instead of the "ring, ring." So resetting my phone could have fixed an error if my phone (app) was not communicating with boosts servers to set the change in rings. As for the using a playlist, I am or would be using a playlist on boosts side. I buy the tones and they are put in a playlist that I can choose from to designate which callers here what.

    I dont understand the confusion. Try going to boost site and see how the who thing works. This is crikets so you will get the idea. Boost has a commercial but im too lazy too find it.

    Moderator please close this thread...I see this is going no where. Thanks though.
  6. SulkyAndroid17

    SulkyAndroid17 Well-Known Member

    Once again I doubt resetting the device would do a thing. Rebooting so the phone reconnects to the tower I understand. Boost's stock software isn't exactly customizable so what could you have possibly changed? And the sever you connect to is in Kansas at the Sprint headquarters. The "towers", if you will, are not what hold your Call Tones. The main server in Kansas does. Otherwise, if you were to leave So. Cal then you would lose your Call Tones.

    "For Android phones - Go to the Boost Mobile Music Store and select a Ringback Tone to purchase, you will then be prompt to subscribe to the service." -- This is how Boost says to sign up. Do you really expect the app to be much better? I'm not about to download a crappy app, pay $0.99 a month, and $1.99 per song every 6 months to see how it works, just to find a problem on my end that's not even there.

    This is an issue only Boost can solve for reasons I'm sure you see.
  7. z3r0

    z3r0 Member

    I have been saying this the whole time. I was asking if anyone else had tried this service. I was following Boosts Tech support not customer supports list of things to try and guess what...got a call from a tech support engineer today she once again did a reset and...boom they now work. Problem solved. Nice. :rolleyes:

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