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  1. Kre8daRedBeerd

    Kre8daRedBeerd New Member

    Just yesterday, I noticed I missed a call. I ALWAYS have my ringers and notification tones on max.

    While I was looking at my phone, the ringer volume animation popped up-when a call came in-and i watched the volume indicator jump from "x" to mid-level to vibrate, then back to "x" again.

    I was not touching the screen, nor did i have any of my fingers near the volume buttons.

    When I tried to adjust the volume to full, it jumped back down to "x" again.

    Just now, literally, the ringer volume window popped up (I'M NOT TOUCHING THE PHONE) AND WENT BACK DOWN TO "X".

    How do I fix this?



  2. Kre8daRedBeerd

    Kre8daRedBeerd New Member

  3. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    This sounds like it might be a hardware issue. Besides going to Settings > Sound and display settings > Ringer volume and setting it from there then seeing if that helps, I'm not sure what to tell you. X.x
  4. Kre8daRedBeerd

    Kre8daRedBeerd New Member

    I've tried from inside the settings. Still happens.

    It's happening with my call volume, now!!

    Just out of nowhere, the ringer volume icon pops up on the home screen and the level goes to mute. I increase the volume, and immediately, it goes back down to mute...damn.
  5. d.cina

    d.cina New Member

    same trouble no solution yet maybe a malicious software?
  6. JZac

    JZac New Member

    Having this same issue on an HTC M8. Once the volume control pops up, I'm at its mercy. It disappears when it's good and ready and no amount of coaxing helps. Assisting the volume level is useless because it just jumps back to where it wants to be. HELP?

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