Ringer volume goes up all by itself- is it possessed?Support

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  1. sugardoo

    sugardoo New Member

    If I can't fix this soon, I'll be showing it off for Halloween as it appears like a ghost is in my phone. The ringer volume just randomly goes up all by itself. Seriously, I can lay it on a table while the screen is active and many times randomly, it just turns its own volume up all the way and it keeps trying to do it repeatedly. Also, I have noticed while talking I can turn the handset volume down but not up. Anybody know a fix for this? I have a beta program that is not available anymore so I'm hoping the potential fix doesn't require me to wipe out everything.
    Thanks in advance for you help.

  2. sugardoo

    sugardoo New Member

    Just in case somebody has a similar problem and finds this, it "healed" itself!
    I think what may have caused the problem was moisture. I had gone camping and remember in the morning the phone was moist with morning dew and I think the moisture may have caused a problem with the electronics to act weird. A few days later and the problem went away on its own.

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