Ringer Volume Lock? Other volume question

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  1. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    A popup option is now live. :)

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  2. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Working on this...if I find some spare time tonight (my wife expects me to do some house work) then I'll put out something shortly for this.
  3. theclueless

    theclueless Member

    should allow "disable volume lock while:" during call; missed a couple profile switch from setting profile during my long calls
  4. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    I'll add it to the "todo" list. Thanks!
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  5. theclueless

    theclueless Member

    not really a bug on volume locker, but here is a quite embarrassing situation happened to me:

    i had the volume locker set to "disable volume lock while screen's locked" and listened to music on my headphone. when i got to work, i paused the music and much later unplugged the headphone and went to a meeting; somehow the music player bug thought i plugged the headphone in and the music resumed playing. my profile set the media volume to 0 so i couldnt hear it. during middle of the meeting, i pulled my phone out to check the time, my finger got caught on the "volume up" button... needless to say, i was blasting music during the meeting and had to scramble to lower the volume...

    this is really google's end of the problem, but just an fyi that it could happen to you; now im changing back to my old way to activating profile: around the time of profile change, manually disable volume locker, then re-enable it when profile is changed, and disable the "disable volume lock while screen's locked"

    on a non-relevant question: it is possible to just enable the VLService without launching the app, or launch the app then immediately minimize to tray? in this case i could just let setting profile do all the dirty work
  6. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh, took me a few minutes but I think I understand the series of events. Basically, you had an app like Pandora playing music, with Setting Profiles set to mute the audio when you disconnect your headphones. The music is still playing, so when you went to look at your locked screen's time you accidentally hit the rocker (because the app allows usage of the keys while the locked screen is up). Thus restoring the volume, and VLService to be ignoring it because you had the "disable while screen's locked" item checked.

    Hmm, trying to think of a way to get around that. I have a request to disable VL while silent mode is active, perhaps something similar for this might work...

    How would Setting Profiles go about doing this typically? I haven't used it. I can add an intent receiver to start/stop it if need be (or similar).
  7. theclueless

    theclueless Member

    what i meant was to have the option to let the app launch (other than at the phone startup), but only showing on notification area without the main screen, because normally i would just set the app up once and leave the setting alone

    basically what i had done is set a schedule on Setting Profiles to kill Volume Locker a minute before the change of profile, then start it again along with the scheduled profile. it isnt that big of deal, just when the profile changes, the app would launch and get in the way of whatever i was doing and need to close it
  8. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Yeah, so I just checked out Setting Profiles Lite. They don't have a way to run an Intent as a rule, and it will only auto run apps that are set as launchable (visible in your main menu). If it allowed for intents, then this would be a super quick fix ;)
  9. theclueless

    theclueless Member

    apparently intents rule is not on a top priority of the developer (although i agree profile ranking is really important)

    im trying to find an app that automatically catches a specific app launch and sends it to background, as i have a couple of apps launching using profile settings need to be kicked to the background so they dont interfere with what im doing at the time

    might be too much to ask... is it possible to include a schedule timertask to enable/disable volume locker at a specific time, and on headset connection? then the app could bypass any scheduler with a bit of hassle :p
  10. ramicakl

    ramicakl Member

    At night (usually) when I am sleeping, I only want the phone to make a sound if I get a text message from from the hospital

    How can I set all sounds off except if I get a text message from one specific contact?
    is there a way to set one custom sound to work no matter what sound mode the phone is in.
  11. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    SMS Popup allows for contact specific notifications, including sound, popup, LED, and more.

    I am not certain but Handcent may also.
  12. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    Bedside allows exactly this and works with Volume Locker (there is a section in the settings). You set up white lists for calls and sms and if Bedside is running it passes the notification through although all other sounds may be muted.
  13. ramicakl

    ramicakl Member


    Handcent is great but it doesn't (yet?) have a setting for sound notification even during silent or vibrate.

    Guess I'll buy SMS popup, try it for one night and then cancel it, buy and try bedside the next night and either keep it or cancel and go back to SMS popup.

    Let me know if you guys have a better way of testing paid apps for longer than 24 hours.
  14. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    SMS Popup is free: Downloads - android-smspopup - Project Hosting on Google Code ?

    It's open source...
  15. ramicakl

    ramicakl Member

    Got it, tried it - great app but when I turn sound off in silent mode and test my settings for the contact - no sound.

    Also tried using profiles and it too adjusts all notification sounds, not just SMS or specific contact.

    Next I will try bedside,

    Have learned a lot about the phone doing this little exercise.

    It seems that notifications trigger the speaker from SMS and email (using K9) and probably other things. Rings activate the speaker by incoming phone calls. That's why I get 2 notifications for the same text message if I leave notifications on in both Handcent and the stock SMS.

    If bedside will return the speaker to to the off mode after a ring or notification of any kind from a specific contact, I'll sleep better. really
  16. masterng

    masterng New Member

    I am using Volume Locker and recently having a conflict with the Optical joystick button on the Droid Incredible. Every time I take a picture by hitting the camera button (which is also the optical joystick button) a popup message comes up. Kinda annoying, but acceptable to a degree. However, the worse case is when I try to record a video, the message pop up and cancel the recording. I got a series of less than a second video clips... Is it a bug? Otherwise, the app is great. Thanks
  17. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Hmm, technically it's not a bug. I have a Nexus One and haven't had that issue, however it sounds like your sound level is changing to play the 'snap' noise when you are taking a picture or recording a video. The "stealing focus" is part of the reason I didn't want to implement popups -- it's really frowned upon behavior on Android.

    I'll try to address this in the next release (very soon). Do you mind doing a quick beta test for me when I get it implemented?
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  18. masterng

    masterng New Member

    I would love to test out the beta for you. I will pm you my email address. Thanks for looking into this.
  19. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll drop you an email when I've got something for it. You're using just the default Android Camera/Video app right? Nothing custom from the market?

    If that's the case then it should be pretty straight forward.
  20. izzy35

    izzy35 Well-Known Member

    When using these apps, is there a way to separate email and sms notificaitons? In the majority of profile apps that i've tried, "notifications" are bulked together so I cant personalize the volume or tone, individually..
  21. masterng

    masterng New Member

    Yes, I only use the default camera/video app. Thanks
  22. ramicakl

    ramicakl Member

    This was my key problem and Bedside is how I got it to work for my purposes. The dev was great working with me via email to get things set up.

    Basically, I want to be awakened when I receive SMS from one source, and want to sleep through phone calls and emails. Unfortunately, my unique SMS sender is from a computer with an email address, not from a phone number. Bedside dev said he'd look into being able to whitelist based on email address or on phone number instead of just phone number as it is now.

    So, in Bedside, when it's enabled, it turns off sounds for all phone calls and emails and sends sound notification if there is an SMS message from anyone.

    The key is to first silence all sounds on startup. Then configure calls as you want - I unchecked the Allow Calls option. Then, check to Allow SMS and either leave the whitelist unchecked to get ALL the SMS notifications or you can add specific contacts to the whitelist if the contacts use phone numbers to send SMS

    I tried SMS popup, Profiles, both good apps. Bedside was the only one that lets me sleep at night unless I get an SMS message. At this point, it's OK if I just get my default sound for SMS.
  23. starnesc

    starnesc Member

    There is also a great app called RingGaurd. Confirmation that you would like to change the current volume setting.
  24. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Using something like SMS Popup, Missed Call, etc allow for some customization. The volume however is not independent. The way the Android sound system works is the following:

    System volume is the master volume control for all sounds. All of the other volume levels go through this other than voice call volume, so if this is set to "0" then all other sound volume levels will be 0. If this is set to 10, then all of the other volume levels max level can be 10, etc.

    Then there's:
    - Ringer
    - Music/Media
    - Notification
    - Voice Call
    - Alarm
    - DTMF (touch tone sound, adding this soon)

    All notification sounds go through the notification stream, or the developer is violating the conventions of Android. A lot of developers who want the volume level to be different then the system's currently set value, will temporarily raise the volume and then set it back to the original.

    The downside of that is Volume Locker will pick it up and tell you the volume changed. Examples of this are Google Navigation, the camera shutter noise, Bedside, etc.

    So, technicality you can have differing volumes for differing notifications, but they have to mess with the settings when playing the notification -- causing Volume Locker to potentially freak out and going against the conventions of Android. It's just the way it is...
  25. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    Volume Locker is similar, but is a lot more customizable and allows locking other settings than just the Ringer.

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