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  1. reegs

    reegs New Member

    hey guys... just noticed this weird problem and hoping someone can help.

    after making a call my ringer volume gets set to low no matter what it was on before... very annoying because unless I remember to turn it back up again I miss calls afterwards

  2. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

  3. BSM

    BSM New Member


    Did you ever find out what is causing the volume to get low after calls? I just purchased an HTC Inspire. It is basically the HTC Desire I guess because it even comes up as a Desire in my Android Market account. I am having the exact same issue with my Inspire. I downloaded a volume control app that seems to correct this, but I want to know what is causing it because it has only started in the last couple of days and I have had this phone for about two weeks already but have not had any volume problems until now.

  4. navig8r1976

    navig8r1976 New Member

    Same issue as original post. Doesn't happen when i receive a call, only if I make one. As soon as I hang up, ringer volume is set back down very low.
    Also noticed around the same time, I tried to uninstall Android system sweeper to clear cache, etc. Didn't use it, installed, uninstalled as I found a better one, but the the icon for the app won't go away. if I click on it, system tells me app no longer exists, and thus it also doesn't show up in my applications directory to uninstall. Maybe related?

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