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  1. cwe909

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    again used to lg tritan, how can you silence ringer for incoming calls but ringer sounds when receiving a text or your alarm goes off. try to sleep, dont want interupted by phone calls but interupted by text message from wife or alarm to wake me up when i want up. did find that i could set ringer to low and notifications on high, does that silence ringer but sound out for text mess. i will also assume alarm ringer has its own volume control. make sense?

  2. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Spend a little more time getting familiar with the settings of the phone. It has a little learning curve to it, no doubt.

    There is a "silence" mode that will turn the volume off for all but alerts and alarms.

    There are several different audio settings that you can control independently (All found under "Settings: Sound and Display":

    Ringer: There is a separate control for incoming call volume and notification (i.e. ringer) volume.

    System: Haptic feedback and notification levels when touching the screen/system powers on/off, etc.

    Notification & Phone Ringtones: The ringtones for the phone and SMS/Email.

    Media Volume: Music/Video Volume

    Those are the "stock" controllers. You can DL apps from the market that will allow you to further customize notifications.

    You can also download Settings apps that will run schedules for you. Silencr Pro and Tasker are two very good apps that allow you to customize settings. Silencr is more basic, it allows you to set a schedule based on day & time for your different notification settings. Tasker is limited only by your imagination, but the UI takes a little getting used to.
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  3. cwe909

    cwe909 Member

    thanks found easy app. personal calls, add who you want to get calls from in an emegency and they will ring while you have the phone itself muted out. works great .99 cents.
  4. USCellularAndroid

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    Which app are you using to allow certain calls to ring while the rest of the phone is on silent?

    When I was a loser on the iPhone bandwagon, I remember thinking about "an app for that"... Glad there is one out there

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