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Ringo Pro - where did it go?!!?!

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  1. Dem

    Dem Well-Known Member

    Lovely piece of software that I purchased for my HTC Hero. However, now I have an X10, I looked in my Downloaded software, and it does not appear. Picsay Pro does, but Ringo Pro.

    The Ringo Lite version is avaialble, but I miss the functionality of the Pro version (which you have to pay for).

    Can I transfer it from my Hero to the X10?

    Or, anyone know why it no longer appears in the Android market?



  2. Dem

    Dem Well-Known Member


    Contacted the developer via Market yesterday, but not heard anything.

    Such a shame, as the Pro version was superb.
  3. payne51558

    payne51558 New Member

    Not to mention that even Ringo Lite doesnt install/function w/ Froyo 2.2 either?!

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