Ringtone makers.....problems!!! Help please?

  1. I've downloaded three of the top rated ringtone makers. Making the ringtone was easy enough and sounded the way I wanted it to. But when I try to play it or use it as aringtone outside of the application it doesn't work. Any ideas why?

    I have a samsung galaxy s at&t phone. Running Eclair I believe.... I'm not too familiar with android yet. I've only had the phone for about a week or so... Greatly appreciate any thoughts on the issue.

  2. Speed Daemon

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    Unless you have a phone that has proprietary or Draconian methods of getting ringtones to your phone, all you really need is a sound file that your phone can play. Obviously there are some limitations; choosing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as your ringtone would be a poor choice, for example.

    I used a free, open source software product called Audacity to edit out a few seconds of audio from a 1/2 hour TV show, and then save that clip in various file formats. After that, I copied the new ringtone in Vorbis (.ogg) format to the `/ringtones' directory on my phone, went to Settings, Sound, Phone ringtones to select my new ringtone file.

    As well as choosing the correct file type for your phone, you should stick to the standard settings, like 44.1kHz 16-bit LSB sampling, which is standard for most computers. If you have a bunch of "golden ear" 192kHz 24-bit sampled 7.1 surround sound files, cutting them back to 16 bits per channel at 44.1kHz (48 may work too) 16-bit stereo will not only make the audio file most compatible with your phone, it will make the file smaller too, which saves your limited storage.
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  3. zuben el genub

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    On some phones, it's where you file the ringtone.
    I had to make a folder - media>audio>ringtones>notifications.

    I think some companies hid the ringtone file to prevent users from deleting the crappy ringtones on the phone. I know I can't find the built in ones on the Nexus. I had a RIZR and deleted all the built-ins.
  4. When the ringtone maker app saved my ringtone, it turned it into an m4a file. It also won't play, even from locating it in my files.
  5. zuben el genub

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    Doesn't the ringtone maker app give you a preference as to format?

    Can you save a copy of the ringtone elsewhere and rename the saved copy to MP3?
    I have renamed M4a files as MP4 and they played. (Phone to computer)
    Or like Speed Daemon said, put it on the computer and convert it to the right format. If you test it with whatever player you use on the computer, you will know whether or not the change worked.

    My Nexus camera saves videos as M4a. I had the opposite in Ubuntu with a downloaded Youtube file. It recommended M4a as best video, however when I tried to open the file, I got the music player, not the video player.

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