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  1. marclh

    marclh Member

    I emailed HTC about a request for an option to turn off the feature to disable your ringtone while the handset is face down. This would affect not being able to hear the ringtone while in your pocket, defeating the purpose of a cell phone and not being able to hear incoming calls.

    Hi, I’m Dakota, and I will be glad to assist you today I understand how frustrating it can be when your HTC Device is not able to ring when laying face down. The complication you have received from your HTC Legend will be addressed with the FOTA Update. No information has been released on when the update will be released. Please wait patiently for the update to be released to address this complication on your HTC Legend. You will receive a notification on your Legend letting you know when the update is available. Go on your device to Home, Menu, Settings, About Phone, System Updates, and check for the update when available. Unfortunately there are no other settings HTC is able to offer to resolve this concern until the update is received. Check out HTC - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, PDAs for any information about your device. Be sure to check out our online customer satisfaction survey located at HTC Online Survey and HTC Community

    I guess this will be fixed in an upcoming update. :D

  2. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Well-Known Member

    Maybe the problem is not the phone being face-down. My phone rings just fine when its on my laying on my desk face-down. You should go to settings->sound&display-> and then untick the Quiet ring on pickup. This option lowers the ring volume when the phone moves around. I hope this will help to solve your problems :)
  3. marclh

    marclh Member

    I've already tried this option, it does nothing.

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