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Ringtone resets to defaultSupport

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  1. garyg1345

    garyg1345 New Member

    Since getting ICS & Sense 3.6, when I connect my Sensation to my computer via USB as a "Disk Drive", my custom ringtone is reset to the HTC default. It does not do this when I connect it to my computer via USB as "Charge Only". Anyone else seeing this? How can I correct this problem? Thanx!

  2. tiremelter

    tiremelter New Member

    I am looking for a solution too. I have a evo 3d with sense 3.6 and ics with same problem
  3. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    It's because your ringtones are saved on your sd card, and since your sd card is technicallly in your computer when in disk drive mode then your phone can't play your custom ringtone. Once you exit disk drive does it go back to the ringtones you had set?
  4. garyg1345

    garyg1345 New Member

    No, it does not go back. I realize that when connected to the computer my settings using anything on the SD card will be "overridden", but the ringtone does not return after ejecting the "external" drive and selecting the "Charge Only" option.
  5. garyg1345

    garyg1345 New Member

    Still have not found the reason why it happens, but did find a work-around. Instead of using the USB cable, I tried the AirDroid app. Works great, and I don't have to worry about a USB cable nor losing my ringtone.
  6. mustchat

    mustchat New Member

    I have the Evo 3d and same or similar problem also. Obviously spotted it annoyingly reverting back to default but didn't realise it was to do with USB connection. Will check that out now. Also had another problem since the ICS upgrade - Music player (shuffle and repeat switched on) randomly stops playing at the end of a track as though it has forgotten to select the next track. Workaround was to download and use a different music player.

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