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  1. DougBrownARFF

    DougBrownARFF New Member

    Got my new Casio GzOne Commander. I've downloaded songs that I want to be a particular person's ringtone. Set it thru Android and it says it is there. Used person's phone and called my phone. The original default tone played. Hung up and redialed. The personal ringtone I set played. Waited an hour and did it again. First, default....then again, personal tone. What is causing this? Gremlins? :confused:

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums :)

    I am going to move your thread into the Casio Gz0ne Commander forum as this seems like a device specific issue.

    Hope this helps!
  3. LimitedRelease

    LimitedRelease Well-Known Member

    not sure what's causing your issue, I've not encountered this.
    is the song on the sd?

    Also, the phone is named the commando.
  4. dodgef25

    dodgef25 Well-Known Member

    LOL That is what mine does, half the time it is the assigned ring tone the other half the general ring tone. I never figured it out as well.
  5. callmecolt

    callmecolt Well-Known Member

    I think there is a few people that have this issue. Sometimes, I get a system type ring when anyone calls that is not even an option to pick for a ring tone. My guess, is it has something to do with the phone not being very fast. It will use 1 of three rings when I call comes in. A system, basic when it is very slow, default user tone when it is a little slow, and the custom ringer for a person when it is not under "stress" per say. Just my thinkin'. I'd love to find a fix for this!

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