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Ringtone starts lowSupport

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  1. Tronaxious

    Tronaxious New Member

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and to android OS, I just bought my first android phone 3 days ago and I'm having this problem where when someone calls me it will start out very low for few seconds and then it will get back to it's normal volume. I have no idea what's wrong and I tried researching but didn't come up with anything.

    I hope someone knows how to fix this, I'm loving the device but this issue is driving me insane :mad:


  2. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    i thought it was suppose to do that. i dont mind it - if i wish to be quite i can get to it before my heavy metal music starts upsetting the mass'es lolz
  3. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    yeah. its meant to do that. u cant fix it. i also feel its useful, if i want to silence a call if im a in a place where im supposed to be quiet, for instance :D and if ur too far away to hear the quiet tone, u'll hear it in a second or two. not a big deal

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