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  1. LaraMooPigs

    LaraMooPigs New Member

    Okay this has happened 5 times today and it started doing it 2 hours ago. But it just randomly starts playing my Gangnam Style ringtone and no-body is actually calling. When I press the power button the music stops and when I look in Call history, no-one new has called? Is anyone else getting this problems, it's really annoying.

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  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello LaraMooPigs and welcome to Android Forums. It sounds like you need to do a reboot of your phone. Just power down, pull the battery for a few minutes, replace the battery and power up. This often will fix silly glitches of a phone. It's like a mini pc and though powered off...it never really reboots completely without pulling the battery. I hope this helps. Thanks for joining these forums and I hope they help you get the most fun out of your phone.
  3. DIGS11

    DIGS11 New Member

    I have had this lately too. At first I thought it was to do with USB connected (when charging) but it wasn't. I even disabled "Auto Launch - Start App when my phone conencts to my car dock" in Car\Settings (app).

    Have tried power down re-boot. No Luck (NOTE: When you reboot to fix issues be sure to always toggle off "Fast boot" in Settings\Power).

    A few times when it happened it launched the 'choose default app' notifcation. One of the options was an 'Alarm Clock' app. I have uninstalled all the apps that it was showing to launch this mystery notification but it still happens!

    This is bugging me and I hope more people can contribute to this thread!

    I called HTC Support (Australia) today & reported it but my report was overshadowed by the main reason I called them: After using it early this morning, my fully charged phone would not wake up or boot up later on this morning! D E A D...
    I fixed it (thankfully) by: (1) Plugging in wall charger (2) Press+Held (the centre of) Vol up/down key (3) Press+Held Power key. Bingo, it booted up. Simply by pressing the power key for over a minute would not work. This allegedly re-calibrates the battery (courtesy of a support page on T-Mobile). I hope it was not related!

    (1) I believe it is USB related.
    -- Possibly charger related. (I.E. Either from using a non-stock wall charger and-or using a non-stock USB cable (or even a USB cable that only supports charging and not data transfer).
    (2) Through some condition (once again I think USB related) I think it is sensing something or other and trying to warn with a notification.. but not the system notification just the Ringtone.
    (3) It is always my main "Ringtone". Not my "Notification sound" (i.e. found in Settings\Personalize\Sound).
    (4) There is no incoming call.
    (5) It happens when phone in standby, no launched apps, nothing electrically connected and in flight mode.
    (6) It has not happened on a 'spare' HTC M8 I have (which I received from HTC Australia as a prize at a Telco industry HTC M8 product launch). This phone is not connected to a mobile network, only via Wi-Fi to my DSL service.
    (7) It bugs the hellout of me!
  4. ventas Qro

    ventas Qro New Member

    Hello, the same thing is happening to me. I don't know what to do... it's annoying. Do you found a solution? I have a HTC One M8 no root
  5. Deej Sullivan

    Deej Sullivan New Member

    This has happened to me twice today and once a few days ago. My phone will just be sat there not being used and suddenly the ringtone will start playing, but when I go to answer the call there is nothing there and I can't stop it playing! It seems like someone is trying to call because of the fact that each time the ringtone has played for a different length of time, but then again it could just be a random glitch. There's nothing in the call log and nothing obviously wrong with the device so no way of knowing which is the case. I really hope someone can get to the bottom of this as it is absolutely infuriating.
  6. Fara Reid

    Fara Reid New Member

    For the last couple of days, when my phone is charging, it will randomly start playing my ringtone when no one is calling. I have tried everything to get it to stop but it won't. I can't take the battery out of this phone so the reboot is not an option. Has anyone figured out how to fix this issue?
  7. Fara Reid

    Fara Reid New Member

    Did you ever figure out how to fix this problem? I am having the same issue and it's driving me crazy.
  8. Fara Reid

    Fara Reid New Member

    I can not take my battery out of the phone to reboot it. I'm just frustrated because it keeps waking me up in the middle of the night with my ringtone playing. Has anyone figured out why this issue is occuring?

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