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  1. Alexis565

    Alexis565 New Member

    I downloaded this ringtone. It's in my downloads, but I don't know how to set it as my default ringtone.

  2. bbabaletskos

    bbabaletskos Member

    Go to sdcard\download and find the file. Long press and see if there is an option. That may add it as a ringtone. If that doesn't work, download a free ringtone maker and load the file through there
  3. jamirgrs

    jamirgrs Member

    Go to your music and look for "unknown artist", then go down to downloads. find your ring tone, long press and it will give you the option to use as a ring tone. After you do this it will stay in the ring tone folder with all the default tones that came with your phone. Hope that helps! :)

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