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Ringtones also showing in media player

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  1. xiaoali

    xiaoali New Member

    Ringtones I put in the ringtones folder are also showing up in the Samsung media player. Is there a way to avoid this?

  2. howudodat

    howudodat New Member

    create a file called .nomedia in the directory where the ringtones are and the media scanner wont scan that folder.
  3. xiaoali

    xiaoali New Member

    I tried that and then the ringtones didn't show up when I went into the settings to try and set them.
  4. wezli

    wezli Member

    Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm having the same issue... annoying.
  5. keredini

    keredini Well-Known Member

    Get a File Manager (like Astro), mount the drives to your windows machine, or use the 'My Files' application to do the following:

    Remember you have your internal SD card (the 16GB one that comes with the phone, it is located in the file system on the phone as \sdcard), and your external (removable) SD card that you provided (it is located in the file system on the phone as \sdcard\sd)

    you need to create a folder on the internal SD card for your ringtones.

    Create the following directory:

    Code (Text):
    1. \sdcard\media\audio\ringtones
    more than likely there will be a notifications folder in the same place, just create the new folder there. Move all your ringtones into that folder. Once the file(s) are moved, media scanner should run.

    From there the ringtones will no longer show in the default media player (mine were also removed from cubed which is the player i use), but are still accessible when selecting 'Phone Ringtone' when assigning ringtones.
  6. DaMajorPayne

    DaMajorPayne Active Member

    mine still shows in the music player, maybe because im using editted .mp3 as my ringtones. what the ringtone format?
  7. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    If anyone has a solution for this please post it. Thanks!
  8. azan

    azan Member

    I use mixzing and it lets me determine the highest level of folder to search for music. I put all my music on my external sd card and have mixzing only search the external sd for media. All of my ringtones I put in my media file on the internal sdcard. Since it goes sdcard/sd, the "highest" mixzing will search is just sd. I believe Meridian media player will let you do this as well.
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  9. rnj79

    rnj79 Active Member

    I did mine this way... much easier. Thank you!!
  10. highspeed11

    highspeed11 Member

    I'll have to try this out.
  11. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    Check this out:

    StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager - Android app on AppBrain


    I selected my 'media' folder from the internal sdcard, marked it as no media, went into the media player, *poof* my ringtone and notification (both from a Creep sample :) ) are no longer displaying :D

    I haven't experimented any further, but it seems to do what we were all discussing. I tried to make a .nomedia file manually, but it didn't seem to work (or something about the file itself wasn't correct). This is _super_ simple.
  12. MakaRose

    MakaRose New Member

    don't you have to pay for mixzing ?

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