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  1. Megalomando

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    I've been trying to figure out how to assign a specific MP3 for each caller in my Proclaim but haven't come up with an answer. In the Galaxy S when you choose your caller you can tap ringtone and an option saying "select sound from my files" is available and you can do it from there but in the proclaim, there is only the default or phone ringtone available.

    Any suggestions how I can generate a specific MP3 ringtone for calls from my girlfriend, home & work?


  2. 9inchnailer

    9inchnailer Member

    Select the contact in your address book, then hit the "Edit" button on the left of the phone's control pad. Scroll down to ringtone, tap that, and then select "Sound". then choose the file you want to use.
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  3. Megalomando

    Megalomando Active Member

    @ 9inchnailer - Thank you! That's perfect and it is the solution.

    What is odd to me is that doing this appears to have made a global change in the ringtone options presented in edit that were in place when I first tried assigning a MP3 to a specific person.

    Ie: When I selected a name from the contacts list and held down on it to reveal the options and tapped edit, when I scrolled down to ringtones there were only two options available; default and phone ringtone.

    Now that I have followed your entry method I have the option "Sound" available to me on everyone in the contact book when done the way I just described. Apparently doing the ringtone selection your way caused this new sound option to be enabled in the "common" contacts screen.


    and again, thank you!
  4. 9inchnailer

    9inchnailer Member

    Glad to help!

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