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ringtones in text message how to get them

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  1. dcarhart

    dcarhart Member

    a friend sent me a couple of ringtones in a text message,
    how do i get them from the text message to someplace usable?

    there only seems to be way to attach a file but not to get it.

    TIA, Dave

  2. joe.russell

    joe.russell Member

    I had trouble with this as well. I believe it's possible for carriers or makers to block saving ringtones through text? I ended up having to make ringtones and transferring them to my sd card from my computer, kinda of a hassle. I'm curious if there is an easier way......
  3. Xandersmommy

    Xandersmommy New Member

    If you download the handcent app and use it to open the message your friend sent you then you should be able to save them. That is the only way i know of where you don't have to use your computer/sd card.
  4. brandougshep

    brandougshep New Member

    all you have to do is click and hold the message with the ringtone in it and then click the option save to sd card

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