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  1. spanky0323

    spanky0323 Well-Known Member

    is anyone else having an issue setting custom ringtone ive tried to set ringtone for a contact (back to default) so i tried to set it threw the sounds setting and make it my default and still nothing.... i really dont wont to hard reset

  2. spanky0323

    spanky0323 Well-Known Member

    just seen i posted this in rooting can a mod move this plz
  3. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Done. Moved to Avid main forum.
  4. xXDanTheManXx

    xXDanTheManXx Member

    Yeah, I was having the same problem two days ago, any mp3 file you want to set as a custom ringtone needs to be placed in a folder on your SD card.
    It should look like this,
    The same goes for custom notifications except it needs to be placed in a notifications folder
    Place your mp3 files in their respective folders
    And they should work.
    Have any problems just ask and ill see how
    I can help

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