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  1. daveb40258

    daveb40258 New Member

    Hey all I have Samsung Galaxy Prededent Android 2.2.2:

    Always owned Samsung phones but this is my first "smart" phone which atm isn't really that smart :cool:

    downloaded some cool ringtones with Zedge then all of a sudden the Notifications stopped working specifically incoming text messages. At this point I still get ringtones for incomming calls.
    I uninstalled Zedge then like 2 of every ringtone showed up :-/ so I cleaned all that up. Now today I can't even get incoming calls. The phone vibrates but thats it. I saw another unanswered post where the person reset his phone to factory specs and went through a whole bunch of stuff to no avail.
    My questions are.....1) before I do all that could it just be a corrupt SD card. ( I notice 2 icons missing from apps i moved to the SD card: MX video player and life360 but the apps still work) 2) should I just reset the phone re format the SD card and roll the dice? lol :confused:

    I hope I gave enough info to warrant a reply from you gurus out there.

  2. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    Contact Zedge through the app, in my experience they are very helpful and may offer a solution.

    Have you tried setting your ringtones back up through normal means rather than Zedge? Also try moving the apps back to the phone and see if they show up again, some apps do not like being moved to SD cards.
  3. daveb40258

    daveb40258 New Member

    The icons returned I didnt have to do anything but remount the sd card. I really really dont want to have to do a factory reset. I tried using the standard ringtones that came with the phone, uninstalled anything to do with sound except the default music player. The only 2 soound players I have left are Talkback hmmmmmseems all this crap started when i installed that app:rolleyes: and my Wolfenstein 3d soundboard LOL loved that game!! so Ill uninstall talkback first if that doesnt work then wolf.

    There is on thing I may have done I just thought about when I looked at the SD card. I unsinstalled zedge but the directory is still there. also, whewn this started to happen i moved all my sounds to my media folder.

    Do sounds have to be in a certain place and labled notifications and ringtones accordingly. And lastly ahem I deleted some what looked like useless temp cache files in the zedge directory before i uninstalled it and also in a directory called : LOST.DIR. Did I fubar?
  4. daveb40258

    daveb40258 New Member

    Well after uninstalling almost every frekin app i had I finally decided to call my carrier. It's so frekin simple I wanted to shoot myself in the head. OK...
    even though you would think that if you change the actual phone settings that application settings would be over ruled. Well apparently not. If you go to settings and then sound and change your notification ringtone. You then have to open messenging go to settings and pick the SAME FREKING NOTIFICATION RINGTONE!!! Like I said I have the dumbest smartphone on the market....thanks for the help
  5. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    That's ok dave, glad you got it sorted out. :)

    The reason Zedge leaves a folder on your SD card is because it stores all your pictures/ringtones and settings in there. I believe they stay there unless you delete the entire folder.

    But personally I would leave it unless you don't want your downloads anymore as Zedge comes with a handy feature to import back into the app all of your downloads from an older install. :)

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