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  1. itsjperez

    itsjperez Member

    I rooted my phone & deleted all the ringtones in the ringtones system file that came with the phone so I can have more room. and now I can't select ringtones or notifications anymore. I have to go and select them from a file explorer. How can I fix this? I wanna factory reset it, but I seen someone say that if you do that & have some system apps deleted that it won't boot up correctly, is this true?

  2. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    Yes its true you'll have to just reflash a stock rooted Rom its your best bet. Or simply extract the ringtones from a Rom. Zip file like BP or Bo and push the ringtones to The folder where you deleted them from/Fix permissions/Reboot and you should be back to normal.
  3. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    You can make your own & put them in your system/media/ringtone folder. If you deleted the folder, if you are rooted, make it again. I use handcent sms for my messenger & I actually choose ringtones through that....

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