1. buddy1983

    buddy1983 Well-Known Member

    Hi ppl. I am trying to change my ringtone to one of my music tracks but can't seem to work it out. Can anyone help?

  2. zezlez

    zezlez Member

    I use ringdroid free from the market.
  3. I-desire

    I-desire Well-Known Member

    Long hold the tune title and choose set as ringtone ;)
  4. Fatwaz

    Fatwaz Well-Known Member

    another vote for ringdroid.it allows you to use any part of any mp3 on your phone as a ringtoneor notification tone.for instance i have a 2 sec drum beat from a madness song for texts and mails.the ability to choose what part of the song you want for your ringtone and when it should stop is great imo.even do some for friends with it lol
  5. buddy1983

    buddy1983 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys i will try this app.

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