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  1. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    I rooted and flashed CM7 on my triumph a few days ago. My custom ringtones are in my ringtone folder on my SD card. WhenI go into settings, sound, the. ringtones are not in with the the phones tones. I was told to reboot the phone then the phone will recognize the, it didn't. How do I get my custom ringtones in the same file as the phones ringtones. Also, how do I delete some of the phones ringtones as I will never use the.

  2. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    The ringtones are in:
    They are .ogg files.
    You need a file manager to manipulate them.
    es file explorer is my favorite. Any ogg file you stick in there will show up in the phones ringtone menu. Never tried sticking mp3 files on there, if that's what you have planned, post back if it works.

    You know you don't have to put your custom ones in there just to use them... Just navigate to where you keep them in your music player, or whatever, And long press to set as your ringtone.
    Apologies if you already knew that... Just sayin'!
  3. heres a tip

    browse your SD card on a PC, on the root of the SD card will be a folder called "media" inside this one, if its not there already, make one called "audio" and inside that one, make two more, one called "notifications" and another "ringtones"

    any audio files you place into these folders will show up as available ringtones when you select a ringtone or notification sound.

    and I mean they will show up in the same list as the default android ones.

    thats how I keep my custom 'tones seperate from my music collection.

    pretty nifty.

    if it doesnt work right away, try a media scan in Dev Tools app in cm7. should be similarly named if it isnt that. it will be in app drawer.
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  4. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    How do I get rid of some of the stock android ringtones when I have CM7??
  5. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    I did what you said, it worked for my notifications, they are now in with the stock ones. Thanks, but I downloaded some alarms into both of these folders (notifications and ringtones) and when I use the clock app and set my alarm and choose the alarm tone setting, it brings up the stock alarms, which none of my alarms I put into any of those folders are in there. How do I get the clock app to recognize my custom alarms I downloaded from other ringtone apps. Thanks
  6. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    The ringtones are in:
    The notifications are in:
    The alarms are in:

    Just navigate there and delete what you don't want, add what you want added.

    If you want to make new folders on your SD card, like shmack said, (so your additions will survive ROM changes) just follow the same directory structure. Download a decent file manager... No PC needed for any of this.
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  7. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    I found the ringtones under System/Media/Audio/Ringtones. When I long press on a stock ringtone, I try to delete it and it says unable to be deleted. I used File Manager to get to the files. My triumph is also rooted with the CM7 rom. Please help. Thanks
  8. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    Yeah that stock file manager won't do it.
    Download ESFile Explorer from the market.
    Run it, go into settings, all the way at the bottom, and check Root Explorer, and mount system as writable and then you'll be golden. Some people like Astro... It works too, as long as you set system as writable.
  9. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks. I will try that.
  10. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    I mounted it, just like you said. Now I can delete the file with no problem but when I go into settings/sounds/phone ringtones, the name of the ringtone is still there, but when I press it, nothing happens. How do I get the name of that ringtone deleted. The file is deleted but its still in my ringtone list.
  11. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

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  12. ec34500

    ec34500 Well-Known Member

    every time i try to set a ringtone to a contact it seems to work, but when that contact calls me the default ringtone plays instead
  13. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    I get that sometimes as well. Very inconsistent. Haven't found a pattern. I've seen others report this also.

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