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  1. katelynal

    katelynal New Member

    Limited to qty on hand, no rain checks, price good thru Saturday. My Target had about 8 on the shelf - not sure if they had more in the stock room. I also understand that Walmart will price match with store ad from paper.

    I am not likely to do any customization, but I was tired of the small amount of phone memory on my Optimus V and no keyboard. So, I was excited to pick this phone up today.

    I suppose that I should have done a little more research because I thought my plan price with VM would not change if I just changed phones. Still a great plan at $45, rather than $40. I am missing Verizon coverage but not my Verizon bill so will live with this until I can afford a smartphone with ST that runs on Verizon.

  2. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

    There were lots in stock at my local store (gaithersburg, md). I bought one to replace my optimus slider, but might hold off on activating it since my grandfathered plan will increase from $25 to $35.
  3. Kimberly33

    Kimberly33 New Member

    I just bought this phone today as well for $30 @ Target. I am not sure what to expect with this phone. I have read about some "bugs" with the battery, and someone mentioned to use a matchbook cover to keep the battery in its place. Other than that, the phone is rated good 4/5 stars on both Amazon and Virgin mobile's website.

    The thing is, I have T-mobile and I am hesitant to give up my service. I once had a really horrible experience with Virgin mobile double billing me, refusing to give my money back, then shutting off my phone when I had my credit card stop payment on the "extra" bill !!

    So I am contemplating buying a phone I can just stick my T-mobile SIM card in.


    (I currently have an ipod touch 4 g which I love, screen shattered, so my sis gave an old iPhone which has a shattered back (screen ok, lol) for me to use as an ipod.... so am I wasting my $30 and should I just unlock and root the iphone and use that..... what do you think??? )
  4. Kritter888

    Kritter888 Well-Known Member

    Just bought another 1 beats insureing your phone

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