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  1. dmfw

    dmfw Member

    I have a Rise on Vir. Mobile.

    I am having issues with battery drain.

    1. I turn off the WIFI and the phone, or some app., will turn it back on. I am unsure how to force the phone to keep the WIFI off or what program is turning on WIFI.
    2. The phone, or some app. is turning my phone's display on. THe display activation is random and often enough to cause my display to consume 45% of my battery.
    Is there any way to determine if these issue are app. related or due to a defect with the physical phone?


  2. denhow

    denhow New Member

    For the wifi issue, go to Settings > Wireless&Networks More > Mobile Networks

    then uncheck Connections optimizer

    I don't know about the display issue.
  3. jlgarr86

    jlgarr86 Well-Known Member

    you will have to do several things to stop wifi from turning back on including unchecking connection optimizer. play will all the settings until everything says wifi is disabled. as for the display issue your battery use display will always say your screen is consuming alot of battery power.
  4. jlgarr86

    jlgarr86 Well-Known Member

    if you have a screen lock app i would suggest using a different one. i've heard of these apps being buggy with screen off/on issues.

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