RK2918 4xUSB and XBMC

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  1. ukko

    ukko Member

    Has anyone installed XBMC on it its box r2918 4xUSB?
    I receive an error message "parse error" when i try to install the .APK
    I tried with different package...

  2. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    XBMC only works on Amlogic based boxes. Rockchip boxes are not supported so you wont get any hardware decoding.

    There are no public preview releases for general android either only unofficial nightly builds on XDA Developers. The release on Pivos forums is for their Amlogic box only.
  3. ukko

    ukko Member

    XBMC only works on ARM device, not only Amlogic.
    Rockchip TV box are listed as working devices....
  4. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    No you are mistaken.

    XBMC only provides hardware accelerated decoding of video on Amlogic chipsets.

    No other chipset is supported, XBMC may run on a Rockchip box but there is no hardware decoding of media rendering XBMC largely useless. Same goes for all other non-Amlogic Android devices out there.

    There is a hack to XBMC that allows you to use alternate media players for media decoding but then XBMC becomes just a shell and you lose the benefits of XBMC.

    Rockchip and Allwinner devices are listed on the XBMC wiki but they are not supported by XBMC even though it runs on them in software decoding mode only. Allwinner status may change in the future, someone is working on their hardware decoders.
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  5. ukko

    ukko Member

    I don't know how this thread slides to HW or SW decoding...
    My only question is about an error message "parse error" with the XBMC APK file ;)
    I don't think it had to do with the video decoding , but i maybe mistaken.
  6. md22

    md22 New Member

  7. ukko

    ukko Member

    Thanks md22,
    I'll test it this evening.
  8. lalalala1

    lalalala1 Member

    I've tried this (on my 4 usb) and it installed and would work sometimes but not really useable, it would open for a short time then close, but 100% progress!!!!

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