RK2918 Android TV Box with 4x USB ---USB Issue

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  1. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    I have an RK2918 Android TV Box with 4x USB (Blue Color). All 4 usb ports are powered but none of them working! it did work for sometime but as soon as i used the SD card, the USB ports are disabled! and when i check the USB through explorer, i get this message; " USB port is unmounted" and there is no way i can mount it and no USB device work with these ports.

    Any idea?

  2. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

  3. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    No idea yet!
  4. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

  5. mrpotato

    mrpotato Member

    I think you've got a faulty one
  6. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    Thanks. Well that could be one reason, but it was working well before. I have re-flashed the ROM many times and i guess that has caused software issue. I am thinking to wipe it clean and then flash it again.

    How can i manually wipe it clean?
  7. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    today i tried connecting a mouse with cable and it did work but for 20 seconds and then mouse was disconnected while the mouse power light was still on! So i don't think it should be a faulty usb port but still i am not sure what i should look at!
  8. google tv

    google tv Member

    you have to change aother one
  9. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    if i could wouldn't be here monkeying around!

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