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roadsymc problem!!!

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  1. duku

    duku New Member

    that day i install many games until phone say low on memory..then i click on the notification.. then click clear cache on roadsync to free the memory...from that day phone keep restarting..it says 'roadsync failed to open internal database. plz restart device n try again. if problem persist uninstall n reinstall the program' .then restart..

    ppl say can remove roadsync use Titanium Backup .. but i cannot since phone unable to stay switch on too longto download the app n remove it


  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    If your phone is rooted use Root Explorer, navigate to /system/app and delete the app.

    cheers :)
  3. duku

    duku New Member

    where i can find /system to find /app :argh:
  4. duku

    duku New Member

    cant delete>> it say the file is read only.. install it back?? or what
  5. graceydudels

    graceydudels New Member

    Hi. we have the same problem..
    how can i fix this???
    i need help also..

    i badly need help asap..
    dunno how to fix it
    pls do text me at 09053031673
    i think my phone is never been rooted..
  6. duku

    duku New Member

    i solved it myself.. the method is let your phone turn off.. follow instruction and system will download and install itself the new one.. but dunno how to delete original app brought by xPeria
  7. velgowtham

    velgowtham New Member

    In that case, your only option is to Software Repair phone with SE Update Service.

    Download SE update service.exe from google search and follow the following steps after installing the application

    Be aware that this process will erase phone data completely (SD Card not affected). Due to the phone shut down issue, I don't think you are able to do a backup.

    i too had the same problem .......... .... now alll iss welll

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