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  1. ksims22887

    ksims22887 Member

    do someone have roam control app on their phone, when I go see my sister do not have service it will be on roam, what roam control do on phone with no service?

  2. Gearhead_eng

    Gearhead_eng Well-Known Member

    I'll force it to use Verizon's tower when your phone is bouncing back and forth between sprint and Verizon. My friend is using it as his house because he doesn't get good sprint coverage, said it works great.

    The downside is sprint can cancel you if you repeatedly use more than 50% of your monthly data in roaming. That shouldn't be a problem in your case though.
  3. ginglish

    ginglish Well-Known Member

    Roaming Control settings are located in Menu/Settings/Wireless & Networks. Scroll down the page to select Mobile Networks then Roaming and select Automatic or Sprint Only as desired. There is another setting for Data Roaming on that same page. Your Sprint unlimited plan should include Nationwide Roaming in the US, but you should check your plan on

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