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Robo Defense

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  1. Matenrou

    Matenrou Well-Known Member

    I dont know why there is no thread for this great game yet.

    It's a tower defense game where you build towers to kill monsters. There are already some other games but they have predefined paths, here monsters want to go from A to B, and the great thing is that you can build your own "maze" as to say, to form their paths and make it harder for them to make it through.

    The game has great graphics, cool features and it's just fun to play.

    There is a free version available in the market and a recently released full version. The full version cost $2,99.
    More information is available at Lupis Labs


    Try this first!
    Press show for QR-Code
    $2,99 on market.
    Press show for QR-Code

  2. blambu56

    blambu56 Well-Known Member

    I would have to agree that this game is addictive. I find myself playing for hours. One of the better games on there.
  3. ne01982

    ne01982 New Member

    It is absolutely adictive.
  4. Glide

    Glide New Member

    This game is really well done.
    Does someone know if there is a ranking or something ?
  5. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    I was going to post a mini-review I wrote in a seperate post.. then I noticed this thread so I'll post it here:

    My current favorite game is Robo Defense, and at this point it is the best game I've played on the system (with the possible exception of the NESoid... because that allows you to play 100's of NES games.. which is kind of a special thing). Robo Defense is essentially a Tower Defense style game... but it is an extremely well executed version of the genre. If somebody reads this who hasn't played a Tower Defense game.. the basic idea is that bad guys come out from one side of the screen and try to get to the other side of the screen. All you really do is build towers to shoot/zap/explode the bad guys before they get to the other side. The depth (and fun) of the game comes from the idea that some 'bad guys' have weaknesses to certain towers while others have a strong resistence to the same tower. So you have to be careful which towers to build where and how many to build (because you have a budget of cash which goes up as you kill stuff). That's the basic idea... and there are 100's of these types of games out there for almost every system.

    This game is surprsingly deep, but it is extremely easy to play. What this game does so well is that you only start out with three options for building stuff (gun tower, rocket tower and slow down tower).. and you literally drag the towers from the bottom of the screen to the spot where you want them to go (which is faster and easier than other games I've played). Other tower games I've played are too intimidating because they have like 20 towers which do different things.. it's hard to get started. Here you just have three.. then you upgrade the hell out of them as you go. It feels more intuitive and simple. Once you start upgrading you can make a lot weapons... anti-air guns, land to air missiles, mortars, artillery etc. The graphics are really nice and the game runs nice and smooth. Plus the game even has achievements (which is a first for me in a phone game). And you can spend points you earn to buy upgrades (like more powerful bullets and rockets etc).

    It's a top notch game. Great design, polished look and interface. And most importantly.. lots of fun.
  6. Glide

    Glide New Member

    Just got the crazy saver (5000$ saved on a game) !
  7. swordi

    swordi Member

    very cool game

    i played the lite version and its fun
  8. kpgalligan

    kpgalligan New Member

    What we need is a strategy guide for the game. I played the lite version, and got totally hooked. I had to finish the level. However, I bought the full version, and I'm totally lost. The second board is totally kicking my a.

    Great game, though.

    Two things.

    1) Not sure how well this would work, but a zoom in/out would be nice.

    2) When dragging a new component onto the field, it'll often drop it in the wrong place when I lift my finger. It should detect like if you held it in one spot for .7 seconds, then there's a position shift .2 seconds before your finger leaves the screen, it should know not to put the object in that area. You know what I mean?
  9. kpgalligan

    kpgalligan New Member

    (I said "totally" way too many times there)
  10. kpgalligan

    kpgalligan New Member

    I take it all back. I hate this game. So frustrating.

    OK, I don't hate it, but its pretty frustrating. On the second map I got into the 80's, but then died. the damn planes. They just don't stop.

    The game would be better if it got harder a little more gradually. This is really tough. Also, we need a way to take a screenshot, so you can remember the strategy you had previously and tweak it.
  11. Keoki

    Keoki Member

    How many levels can I upgrade my towers and other things?

    I currently have level 16 Faster Rocket Reload and Level 12 Stronger Explosives, which makes the game very easy up to level 45 so far, but I am curious as to how many levels can I upgrade this too.

    Upgrading it to the next level cost over 600,000 so it is going to be a while till I find out Im sure.
  12. chiu0nthls

    chiu0nthls Member

    i dont know what the highest you can upgrade... im current at lvl 29 stronger explosives and 28 faster rocket reload.... (wasted a lot of money trying to upgrade everything else too).

    right now im at max lvl 70. played lvl 68 so far on basic level. dont really thing there is a cap.
  13. Keoki

    Keoki Member

    Maybe the max is level 70 on the upgrades? I would definitely be interesting in hearing updates on how high you go on your upgrades.

    I figured those two were the main two to invest in. I also upgrade Longer Slow Tower, More Starting Cash, and extra lives, I believe those five in total would be the most benificial. What are your thoughts about that?

    How much is it to upgrade for you now, from level 29 to 30?
  14. Nexeo

    Nexeo Active Member

    I love this game too! It's so addictive!
  15. adam82s

    adam82s New Member

    I've finished level 90 few minutes ago and now it says: finish level 100 to unlock level 110, damn, how many levels are there??
  16. Naruto666

    Naruto666 Member

    I love tower defense games =D
  17. Septi

    Septi New Member

    How do I make the anti-air guns to shoot? Mine doesn't shoot for some reason :confused:
  18. slarti

    slarti Well-Known Member

    All gun and missile towers fire automatically, I assume you mean it's not shooting planes the anti-air weapons only shoot flying enemies.
  19. telbij

    telbij New Member

    Man I'm so addicted to this. I have all the achievements now except the 50,000,000 pts and some of the 10/25 level completions. The game is really full-featured and a lot of fun. Especially the VR levels which can keep things interesting for a long time.

    The key to success in this game is placement of slow towers and management of "wasted" rocket fire. What happens with fast units is once they get past your defenses they draw much more firepower than is required to kill them because the rockets take too long to catch up. So once the first in a string of planes get past your anti-air missiles they all break through. At higher levels you have to put as many anti-air missile towers as you can on the flight path intersections and in the middle of the board where none of their range is wasted. Whether you pass a level with no losses is often times a matter of luck since the units that come out are randomized. If you get a rapid stream of bombers and then a rapid stream of jets a few seconds later you may be screwed even with ideal defenses.

    Unlike some other tower defense games the ground units are pretty easy to handle. There's no need to learn advanced techniques like juggling, just finding good layouts is all that's necessary.

    Man I gotta finish all the achievements so I can retire :)
  20. hatch

    hatch Member

    This game is too addictive but agree with most others it's all good really!
  21. disaster999

    disaster999 Member

    i love playing this game, but i can only download the free version. i want the full version but i cant get it
  22. moogboy

    moogboy New Member

    ok, this is so addictive its not even funny.
    this is how far i've gotten:
    I got all 56 achivements DONE.
    as far as reward points - I got atleast lvl 24 on all of them, cash and health reward at 34.
    Now i'm just trying to see how far the levels go up.. I just unlocked level 150. Once i unlock that, I'm sure 160 will be unlocked.. when does it end??

    UPDATE: i'm on level 240
  23. flipnoy

    flipnoy Member

    Thanks! This should keep me busy in class :D
  24. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    How many enemy waves are there before a level ends??
  25. mathewhayden

    mathewhayden New Member

    Yes I also want to say that Robo Defense is one of my favorite game and I am agreed that it is absolutely addictive game for me because I play this game for hours and hours. I must say that this game is interesting and fun to play.

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