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  1. tommart

    tommart Member

    I finished a game at 1320 that I upgraded to 1.3 during the game. I did not get credit for all my points.

    I completed a second game at 1330 which was a perfect game, and I believe that I earned all my points--about 75 million.

    Version 1.3 may have fixed the scoring bug.

    Tonight I'll play a game at 1340 to see what happens.

    P.S. I mainly play while watching TV. It drives my wife crazy.

  2. tommart

    tommart Member

    I also focused on achievements first. There's no bonus for achieving all 57 except that you start with a 57 bonus points at the beginning of each game for each killing. The bonus points reset to 57 after an enemy gets through. When you have 56 achievements, you start at 56.

    At times I wish there were additional achievements, but I did not like achievements like Finish the Courtyard 25 times. But I would like something like:

    having $5,500 and $6,000 cash at the end (two achievements), or
    not allowing any aircraft through without using a teleporter.

    These would be very difficult.

    There is mention of locating "the Boss", but I do not believe I ever found the Boss, and I do not know what happens if I do.

    By the way, many people destroy the Titan without knowing. With version 1.3, the Titan has about twice the health. He will now be noticed, so this was a good adjustment. However, since a teleporter shoots him back to the beginning, the Titan is still not much of a threat. You just need to get to Bonus level 134 for the Titan to emerge.
  3. tommart

    tommart Member

    I finished a game at 1340. It did not give me the correct score.

    It either did not give me credit for Health or Remaing funds. Not sure which.

    So with 1.3, there still appears to be a problem with scoring above level 1200.
  4. cool, i will give a try of this game
  5. sonmica

    sonmica Well-Known Member

    just checked what the official page for the app is:

    Lupis Labs

    maybe you'll get a response if you post a comment there.
  6. parkerstuartd

    parkerstuartd New Member

    Iv upgraded my rockets to +200% power but in the game it only shows 190%.

    is this normal?
  7. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    It's always remaining health that gets ommitted when I play. I played 1200 a bunch of times just to rack up the dollars and get as many upgrades as I could. The last time I played 1200 I noticed that I didn't get the remaining health.

    The games are certainly much faster now with the vastly improved upgrades. I'm playing 1450 right now all in fast forward.
  8. This is really a wonderful game
  9. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    I finally figured out what Ledgend777 was talking about.

    Once you get the double negative award, just keep clicking away on the upgrade button for that weapon. The sky is the limit!

    Starting cash is now at $10,000

    Rocket power and speed are at level 800 ish. My fingers got tired so I stopped upgrading. Still got 2 billion in the bank so I can go back and do more at any time.

    Game level 1470 is currently running in fast forward. I put down 8 fully upgraded rocket towers and their killing everything. I'm guessing the game will take 5 or 6 minutes total. Everything just gets zapped the minute it comes out the tunnel.
  10. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    New twist, all of my awards dollars have turned negative. So now I've got nearly 2.08 billion negative awards dollars that I've got to build back up to a positive. That gives the game a new spin.

    It seems I'm getting credit for all of my gameplay (minus the remaining health bonus) for each game. Not too bad being that I get around 70 million each game just for the remaining money.

    Might have to upgrade to 1.3 sometime soon.

    And I thought it was over!
  11. mattkirk86

    mattkirk86 New Member

    i encounter the titan almost every time when playing level 40, hope this helps..
  12. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    This game is horrible.


    I need to quit but I can't.

    Do I need rehab?
  13. gmaellex01

    gmaellex01 Well-Known Member

    I might try upping the difficulty faster. I've been going up one difficulty level each game, and with upgrades the increases in difficulty don't make enough difference. The game is getting progressively easier.
  14. opticalshadow

    opticalshadow Well-Known Member

    quick question. if i buy the game, will all of my points won and awards from the demo version be transfered over, or do i have to start again?
  15. gmaellex01

    gmaellex01 Well-Known Member

    Your achievements, upgrades, and points will transfer with your upgrade.

    ... I realize there's probably a thread for this, but what do you guys (robo defense players) play besides robo defense? This game is amazing and addictive and I want to do more gaming on my phone. Games requiring an emulator are cool, too. I just got snesoid and I'm definitely looking forward to the psx emulator (ff7!).
  16. Mavent

    Mavent New Member

    Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT game. Easily the best on the Droid. But once you figure out that the only units you EVER need to use are the Slow Towers and Rocket Towers, it gets a little boring.

    Seriously, there's no reason to ever upgrade or use any other unit. I use the Gun towers as walls during the early stages of a new level, but only until I can afford to replace them with Rocket towers. I upgraded the Slow Towers to 300% duration, then just put all my other points into Explosive Strength and Rocket/Anti-Air Reload Speed, and it's far more efficient than anything else I've tried.

    I also spent a lot of time trying different maze configurations, but there's really only one optimal layout per Map. The VR map offers a little more challenge if you use the Random setting.

    It's too bad that the Units aren't more varied, and it's too bad that they haven't even put up a guide to explain what the various units are supposed to be good for. I spent a week or so of play assuming that the Mortars were better than Rockets against Ground Units, but after running some tests it turns out that not only are Mortars less effective, they're prohibitively expensive, especially after level 200 or so when you really have to start worrying about unit cost in Early to Mid game.

    So... yes, great game. I like the addition of the Drop Ships. But it'd be nice if there were a valid tactical reason to use anything other than Rockets and Slow.
  17. Mavent

    Mavent New Member

    I skip in levels of ten. Convenient, since that's how the game Unlocks new groupings. The only time I had to stop and build up some extra firepower was around level 160.
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  18. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    I think I figured out another bug. When you amass 2.1 billion rewards dollars, it goes negative.

    I'm just experimenting here with version 1.2. I've got my beginning cash to $50,000.00, that gives me over 200 million cash bonus per game. All of my rocket power/speed is upgraded to level 4000.

    I put down 10 $20 rocket towers and set the game on fast forward.

    I upgraded my health to 1085 just for fun. I received a remaining health bonus a couple games ago and wanted to see how high the bonus would be. I haven't received a remaining health bonus since I did the massive upgrade.

    The game is flawed, but I'm having fun exploring the flaws.
  19. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I've had this issue on difficulty levels 10-30 I also do not always get a remaining cash bonus. Pre-1.3

    My highest upgrades are level 17, and have 40 achievements. I made a spread sheet in open office for the maps of basic, ruins, factory, and courtyard. 6 per page, 1 page each board, I'll upload it later today incase anyone else wants to use it, nothing fancy, but there is one field per space on the maps.

    Most of the questions people are asking here are answered on the market page for the game, the upgrade page for the game, or on the developers website which you can get to from the market place page for the game. If people would spend the same amount of time reading what had already been displayed on their screens as they spend posting stupid questions in forums, they would already have their answers.

    I too am addicted to this game, a semi-similar game, not as addictive, is crystallight, also much harder are: void defence, wave defence, and spira defence.

    attached is now a 30KB .zip file of a Microsoft Excel .xlsx document, this has NO MACROs in it, if your computer says there are macros when you open the file, QUIT immediately!! because I did not use any. I originally made this document in .ods with Open Office, but it did not display correctly in Excel or Google Docs, so I have "fixed" it in Excel and am providing it that way, as it seems to maintain all the borders better. There are multiple sheets in this workbook, one for each of the non-VR levels, print them in landscape mode and set the margins to "VERY wide" I think excel calls it "minimal" (manually works best) and you will get 4 maps per page, if you choose to print it anyway, Then use them to plan out your levels (saves some paper if you do it on the computer, but make sure to make a backup copy before you go editing it!!)

    I will update again when I have some ideas laid out and I'll attach another with my setups. I did 6 per page, in case you want to do "stage by stage" like:
    1. build this with starting cash
    2. on stages 15-35 add these towers
    3. on stages 36-50 add these towers
    4. on stages 51-80 replace with these towers
    5. on stages 81-99 make these changes and upgrades
    6. on stage 100 start by removing these, then sell all towers based on value after units pass them/based off land/air units

    (the above is an example to help some people understand why I put 6 maps on the page, if you don't like that reason, then here is another for you: it just fit that way the first time I made them, and it's big enough to write in comfortably).

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  20. gmaellex01

    gmaellex01 Well-Known Member

    Holy crap. That should make things more interesting. Going one level at a time I can literally stop building at stage 50/100 of the level and let the last 50 stages go by on fast forward. Alright, going to try this right now. Thanks!
  21. tommart

    tommart Member

    Version 1.3 did not fix the scoring bugs with upgrades above 50 or games above level 1200.
  22. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the only thing I see different in 1.3 is the dropships.

    I played around a bit with the upgrade bug to see what it did. Upgrading bullet strength, the first negative occured on upgrade level 54. It alternated negative positive until level 64 when it goes to the every fifth or sixth upgrade being a double negative. That's where you can just keep clicking away on the button.

    Another bug; I upgraded starting health to 1100 and can no longer open saved games. A little message flashes across the top when I attempt to load a game. It says "health level invalid." Not that there's much reason to save a game, they only last about 6 minutes laying down five fully upgraded rocket towers.
  23. tommart

    tommart Member

    I like the "dropships." Provides an additional challenge.

    The Titan now has about twice the health. This is good since it makes the Titan more noticeable, but it doesn't make the Titan more of a threat since you can teleport him back to the start.

    I felt guilty and didn't upgrade to the levels that you have. I'm at 125 (1250%) for explosives, and everything else is well below 70 (700%) with the exception of health which is 80. It takes about 30 minutes to play a game. But I can stop upgrading at about game level 55-60 and will win the game with $5K cash, but lose about 10-30 lives.

    I get a perfect game about 50% of the time, but I typically lose my first life because I'm not looking. I typically play the game while watching TV.
  24. subexpression

    subexpression New Member

    This configuration works well for lower levels on the Courtyard map, but would need reinforced SAM missiles to be successful on higher levels.


    Eventually as I earn more money, I swap out the gun towers for more rocket towers for added defense, and upgrade rocket towers to heavies at the enemy's 4 entrances.

    The Courtyard is difficult because you have to let it "breathe" - allowing for criss-crossing traffic, but then still route the enemy through your custom-crafted "gauntlet".

    I have 2 achievements left to get (55 of 57) but I'm nowhere near "finishing" this game - it's endless fun! :D

    EDIT: I have all 57 achievements finished :D - took me about a month of casual playing

    - s
  25. subexpression

    subexpression New Member

    I thought an interesting addition (maybe for RD2.0) would be to introduce enemy units which cause tower damage...and you would need to spend money to repair them.

    This idea comes from the old days when I played a lot of Age of Empires II...units sustain damage but can be repaired if you have the resources.

    • Demolition units, like bombs on wheels ram into towers which subsequently incur damage.
    • Bomber planes dropping "dumb bombs" and fighter jets with accurate missiles.
    • Enemy mortar units which have to stop for a moment to fire off a round, giving you time to kill 'em while they're stopped.
    • Units which can leap over a wall of towers or are immune to certain towers.

    And, damaged towers become less effective, functioning at lowered power...they become weaker, slower firing, missiles cause less damage until fully repaired.

    Also, along the same lines of the "Drop Ship", I think it would be nifty to add another new enemy unit which deposits an enemy portal. Like an air unit which carries in a portal as payload...And if they manage to drop it in the middle of your map, enemy units would spontaneously leap out of it as though it was another map entrance. Portals could be about the same endurance as the Titan enemy unit, and could be destroyed to prevent further incursion. It would be the enemy version of the teleport tower.

    Lastly, it would be nice to have a matrix of sorts to categorize which towers are most effective against which enemies, and which are least effective against which enemies. Sort of an attributes chart showing strengths & weaknesses.



    - s

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