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  1. tommart

    tommart Member

    It's been a while since I played the Courtyard, but I did play it twice today. I'm very rusty.

    After reviewing your screen I have three comments:

    First, you dedicate missiles to a single flight path and therefore have three groups of missiles. I initially place missiles between two vertical flight paths so that each missile can attack two vertical flight paths. I don't worry about the horizontal flight path.

    Second,I force all enemy units into a single path. Some run one way, and other the other way --but still the same path. My top row is similar to yours, but I have no openings. I force units entering at the top to go to the left. Then I have a second path (that contains units from three openings, that runs all the way to the right. The path goes around the pillar and then goes to the pillars on the left. Like you I eventually have 4 of my units between the two left pillars. The path then goes to the right and has an opening at the lower right pillar. Needless to say, I have some blue infantry blocking the paths so the enemy can't go around my paths. I then try to upgrade rockets in the two middle rows.

    Third, I use teleporters at the vertical flight path exits. I don't use a teleporter for the horizontal flight path. First, I'll use a single teleporter/path. Late in the game, I'll add a second teleporter.

    My approach is far from perfect. I lose a lot of lives early in the game as I try to construct my paths. I tied installing mines at the exits, which initially saved lives, but it held back the construction of the paths and the aircraft start flying before I constructed teleporters. And you need to construct at least one missile before constructing a teleporter. I've had aircraft teleported back 10 times before dying--each time reducing my cash by $3--sometimes completely spending my cash.

    Hope this gives you some ideas to experiment with.


  2. tommart

    tommart Member

    I initially liked your idea of diminishing strength, but I've changed my mind. The concept is fine, but I think it just would require too much work. It may mean that for almost every game level (100), I would need to rebuild strength for every one of my units. There's already enough to do. I don't need more.

    I agree with your suggestion for a matrix.

    I wish each unit showed it's strength, defense, and health.. For example, infantry may have a strength of 5 against ground troups, 1 against aircraft, defense of 5, and starting health of 5. This would help me determine whether it's better to have two rockets, or one upgraded rocket.

  3. tommart

    tommart Member

    Here's what I work towards in the Courtyard.

    I needed two photos since the Droid does not show the entire screen.

    In this game, I have lost 4 lives.


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  4. kufudo

    kufudo New Member

    For those experiencing the negative value bugs, that's because you've played way, way, way too much.

    As someone said above, the maximum value of a 'normal' number in programming is 4,294,967,296 (2^32). Once you exceed this, weird things happen which can lead to negative numbers or even program crashes.

    The developer of this game made everything endless based on some simple formula that multiplies enemy health by the level you're at, and multiplies your tower damage by the upgrade level. The waves of enemies are just randomly generated.

    This basically means that you're just playing the same map over and over again, only with higher enemy health and higher weapon damage, which basically cancel each-other out. The only difference is the higher numbers in your scores, etc, which are purely generated by a multiplication algorithm...

    There is no end to the game. And if the developer wanted to, he could easily fix the 4 billion max value and make it virtually infinity (2^64, or use a special variable with no upper bounds).

    I liked this game too and played it for a few hours non-stop, but it's a pure time-sink with no ending objective and no real rewards for playing longer.
  5. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

  6. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Much like Ledgend777 before me, I think this game has lost it's luster for me.

    After getting the negative award bonus at around upgrade level 53, I continued to what I think is only an obsesive quest.

    I figured I'd play the game to level 4000. I finished tonight and I'm going to try to get away from this thing for awile.

    My upgrades are;

    Stronger Bullets - Level 1014
    Stronger Explosives - Level 20,001 (not a typo, yes I touched that many times)
    Faster Rocket Reload - Level 20,001
    Faster Antiair Reload - Level 171
    Faster Artillery Relaoad - 78
    Flame burn - Useless
    Longer Slowdown - Level 2022
    Health Reward - Level 1335 (Too much, can't save games anymore)
    Starting Cash Reward - Level 28,014 ($14,070.00 extra cash)

    With the above upgrades, you'll get about 1.3 billion per game. It takes three regular rocket towers and one slow tower to beat every game.

    I know,

    I'm a nerd!
  7. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member

    started playing last night on LITE version... purchased full version this morning..... 7 hours later... still playing!
  8. tommart

    tommart Member

  9. dnett

    dnett Member

    Is there a way to LOCK the game on FF so I don't have to tap it at the beginning of each level?

    Also, has anyone discovered optimum map codes for obtaining the most points on the VR levels? I saw the post recomending VR-A0003. What about for B, C, and D?
  10. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Get to the "tap screen to start game" point, hit "menu," and then "options." You'll be able to configure the game to continue in FF through levels and after loss of life.

    To the best of my knowledge, VR-A0003 will get you the maximum points.
  11. dnett

    dnett Member

    Yes, I understand that VR-A0003 gets you the max for VR-A. I'm wondering if anyone has discovered an optimum code for VR-B, VR-C or VR-D?
  12. dnett

    dnett Member

    No suggestions? Oh well, I'm done with B and almost done with C. Then I'll only have 3 achievements left - VR-D, Factory 25 and Courtyard 25. That will keep me busy for a while.
  13. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    Just started playing, looking forward to it!
  14. quakelad

    quakelad New Member

  15. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Level 5000 Completed

    Not much to it, but I spent so frigging long getting here, I just can't seem to quit.

    I just lay down four rocket towers and a slow tower and set the game to FF.

    I guess I just want to be the "Robo-Defense" wizard.

    I don't see any end to this thing, I think I'll just sit here at my desk and let it run to 10,000.

    Too bad I can't figure a way for it to auto-configure new games. That would be cool. Let the game catch up to my upgrades (that I got through the negative awards glitch.)

    See ya,

  16. gnfishin

    gnfishin Member

    I am playing at about level 315 Basic and I have been saving up reward points for later use. At around 2.15 billion, a negative symbol suddenly appeared in front of the point count and I, now, cannot spend anything on upgrades. If I play a new game, the points won for that game just get subtracted from the negative balance. Since I average 10 to 12 million per game, at this level, I would have to play about 200 games just to get to zero before I could begin accumulating reward points I could use again. That means I would have to play 400 games to get back to where I was when the points became negative (200 down and 200 back up).

    Is there any fix for this glitch? It took me two months of several games a day to save up that many points. It would take four months to work my way back to zero and, then, back up to where I was (I would spend them right away, this time). I love this game, but, I am not going to spend four months just to get back to where I already was when the glitch happened. I just want to spend the friggin' points I earned! Help!
  17. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    There's no way to get the dollars back. Quite frankly, you're going to be hard pressed to progress in the game being that you basically lost 4 billion dollars that would have been spent on rewards. It is a known flaw of this game that at slightly over 2 billion dollars, your bank goes negative. On a positive note, if you could manage to make it to about level 1500, you'll be earning close to a billion a game and the negative awards will start happening.

    You'd probably be best off to delete the game and start fresh. Sorry I don't have better news.
  18. gnfishin

    gnfishin Member

    Wow, I hate to hear that, although, that is what I figured. No way I am going to delete everything and start from scratch. All those achievements and levels on each game type? Too much to do over again. I looked at the bak file and I see the - in the reward column. I am going to try to edit the file and remove it or reinstate the the correct amount.
  19. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Try the advice over on this site;

    These guys seem to know a way to manipulate the .bak file.

    Good Luck!
  20. gnfishin

    gnfishin Member

    Yes, I saw that sight. That is what gave me the idea. If I have time, I will fool around with it this weekend. I have to find and download a program to edit the file. I have no clue what I am doing, but, it does not look complicated and while I have no idea how to read the amount of reward points in the file, I see the minus symbol and it should not be to difficult to remove it and replace the file.
  21. Nino Sidari

    Nino Sidari Member


    there he is in the upper left under the score.

    I've seen him a bunch of times, but it's hard to get a good shot, since he is usually being hammered by rockets and slow towers. :cool:
  22. erik_jsson

    erik_jsson New Member

    I have finished all the achievements. The titan i didnt even see. I was fast forwarding at level 30 in the basic map and suddenly i saw that i had finished the achievement. Kind of dissapointing but i love this game, its one of the most addicting games i have ever played.
  23. Sibylle

    Sibylle New Member

    Ok this game is great :) There is just one thing bothering me: when I click on a turret i dont get any statistics (about upgrades).
    Example of how it should be:
    At my phone (Galaxy i9000) it just says: "lvl 0 (+0%)"....this sucks because I like stats. I never had the free version, installed the payed version immediately :D
  24. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

    how can i get this game,
    can't find it on market!?
  25. doh444

    doh444 New Member

    You need to not let anything through for 79 levels in a single game and be on over level 100 in the overall levels.

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