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  1. Ynomrah

    Ynomrah Well-Known Member

    hi, i love this game. thanks.

  2. phareous

    phareous Active Member

    It shows for me... maybe you are outside the U.S.?
  3. Legend777

    Legend777 Member

    Technically the game just ended for me. After you increase to level 48 for Rocket upgrades, it goes to negative so you can technically increase the level by 2 now each time you upgrade. Although it really doesn't help out all that much. But seeing the game is flawed now i'm assuming if I just kept upgrading it that i'd eventually get to a point where the game would be very easy.

    I wouldn't rush back to the game really considering eventually you will get to the same point i'm at.
  4. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    I didn't get any "negative" awards bonus! I'm starting to feel cheated. My upgrades on rocket and AA are curently at 51, so I don't know what happened with your phone.

    Oh well, I did manage to squeeze in enough time to complete 1220 today. I lost 9 lives and finished with 59+ million.
  5. DarkSky

    DarkSky Well-Known Member

    If you ever want a new challenge - see how low a round you can stop adding things. Try and set it up so you just hit FF>> each round without adding anything all the way to 100. No upgrades is always a fun one too.
  6. dsauch

    dsauch Active Member

    I cant figure out the thing with upgrades:
    when i place a rocket tower and then click on it - i have an upgrade to air missile available. It is marked with my current upgraded level, for example +10% or +50%.
    After the upgrade I now have an advanced air defense option, but it has exactly same +10% or +50%. So is it really worth upgrading? Does it really add anything? Even third level upgrade has same numbering...

    Its the case for all towers, ie bullet tower->flame>inferno - flame and inferno have same percentages next to it?
  7. MKeditor

    MKeditor Well-Known Member

    I love the game....but it is a time sponge. I just found this thread and I am astonished to read a few of you are 800+ levels. I am on level 112. You guys must not have jobs. :p

    Those of you who love this game: What other android games do you like?
  8. Legend777

    Legend777 Member

    Not sure what happened. I know the negative for me happened at around 390 million point cost. Once I reach that level, the next upgrade is always a negative and then a postive again. Currently I'm at level 2260 and only have to put like 6 towers down to kill everything. I upgraded my Cash to level 6000 and all of my rocket power and speed is upgraded to 1000.

    Are you playing on the Motorola Droid? Maybe we are on different phones and the flaw only exists in certain versions.
  9. Legend777

    Legend777 Member

    The upgrades are purely based on what you increase. Natural upgrades are still always better. So yes you won't see any change in % when you upgrade a Rocket Tower. I'm not really sure if I answered your question but an increasing your rockets to the next level are very beneficial as they do a lot more damage and shoot much quicker.
  10. theguy1995

    theguy1995 Member

    yep i just beat the titan...ok dont call me stupid but i thought the titan was a craeture monster thing even though the name of the game is ROBO defence but hes a big hard to beat robot...i found him on level 30!!!!round 98!!!i didnt hav enough time to record it but it was cool while it lasted...oh yea i wanted to know can u find him again??? i sooooo hope u can cuz i want to record it and put itt onto youtube!!!:D
  11. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    G1, firmware 1.6

    Just finished 1240 and still have yet to see any awards at negative price levels.
  12. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Can't love anything else, we'e to busy playing Robo Defense!

    And no, I don't have a job!
  13. Amo22

    Amo22 New Member

    Anyone have a pic of the Titan. I achieved the task but never got to see what it looked like and I'm really upset. BTW it seems he appears in Ruins lvl 30 or 50 for those who havent accomplished this yet. If you do attempt this task, try and get a pic and post it online. I'm sure many "Defense" players would appreciate that. Thanks
  14. Zengato

    Zengato New Member

    I was wondering if anyone had some easy VR combinations particularly the "D" ones.
  15. lancerv

    lancerv New Member

    Found Titan on factory 25-93. Looks like a tall robot.
  16. weenghee

    weenghee New Member

    Hi, How do I contact Luis? I want to buy his robo defense. I'm from Singapore. Anyone can give a heads up?
  17. xefe

    xefe Well-Known Member

    how effective is the flame thrower ? if I have 2 flame towers next to each other, does it only apply one flame or does it do damage x2 ?

    also, if i reset my device is there a way to save my save data and how do i save the actual game that i paid for? or is it always available via my google account ?
  18. Chidori602

    Chidori602 Well-Known Member

    one of my favorite games after armored strike
  19. tommart

    tommart Member

    In basic and VR games, Titan arrives at bonus level 134.

    He was easy to kill since he is slow.

    However, version 1.3 released yesterday has increased the health level of Titan. I agree with that adjustment.

    I probably would have gone one step further and not allow the transporters to work on Titan.
  20. tommart

    tommart Member

    For what it's worth, at about upgrade level 50, I also experienced negative numbers with Stronger Explosives, and once with Faster Antiair Reload on my Droid. I was at about game level 900 at the time.

    It does not occur all the time.

    When it occurs, I get my upgrade, but my upgrade points actually increase by about 40 million, and the upgrade cost is now -40 million or so. When I upgrade again, I get my upgrade and my upgrade points increase another 40 million or so. I do this 6 to 10 times and finally I lose my upgrade points.

    Another error that I'm seeing is that when I play a VR game, I may earn 50-60 million points, but I only get 20-30 million added to my total. Points work fine in the basic game.

    I do not know if version 1.3 fixes these errors.

    I still love the game.
  21. bhmadsen

    bhmadsen Well-Known Member

    Some of the bugs that I've experienced. At around level 50 upgrades on rocket power, speed, and AA speed, I started getting the negative award. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes I get a double negative. I got my reward dollars up over the billion mark with this double negative. I always get too greedy and try to get more than I should, that puts my reward down low and I have to build back up to the 400 million level to get more upgrades.

    I was playing level 1400 for the second or third time just to build up reward and I noticed that I was no longer receiving the "remaining health reward." I went back to 1300 and played a game and received the reward. Played 1300 one more time and the remaining health award was gone. I'm currently playing games at 1200 am still receiving the award.

    I didn't upgrade yesterday because I figured Lupis Labs is probably following this thread and fixed the negative award bug.
  22. tommart

    tommart Member


    I'm currently at 1320. I started experiencing scoring problems around 1200, so I think I experienced the same as you.

    This evening I'll play a game or two with V1.3 and I'll let you know if anything is different.

    However, it will probably be a couple days before I'll have enough funds to upgrade my explosives to see if the upgrade works correctly.

    Tom Martin
  23. xefe

    xefe Well-Known Member

    would love a response on this from those in the know please :)
  24. THEjoelweber

    THEjoelweber New Member

    I've been playing this game for a few weeks, and I haven't really been concentrating on leveling as much as I have on fulfilling the achievements. I have 56 of 57 achievements fulfilled, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there's any sort of bonus or benefit in getting all of them completed?
  25. tommart

    tommart Member

    I played a little with flame throwers a long time ago. I found them effective with unarmored infantry and ants.

    But flame throwers did nothing in regards to the units that gave me the most trouble, e.g. jeeps and aircraft.

    So, I do not use frame throwers. I use my upgrade funds for other upgrades, e.g. health, slowness, explosives, and rocket and anti-air reload.

    I upgraded flame throwers and artrillery to about 20, but this may have been a waste. I also upgraded bullets to about 30, and I'm not sure if this was a waste.

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