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Rock the Vegas - Post Your Codes Here

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  1. Kovacsan11

    Kovacsan11 New Member

    Please add me :) Playa Del Dre

  2. Thieskuhh

    Thieskuhh New Member

    please add me too!


    Friendscode: 53da61

    Really a great game (addicted :p )
    Peno3 likes this.
  3. ECAndroid

    ECAndroid New Member

    Hi All. :D Please add.

    Player: EZ Vegas

    District: EZ Vegas

    Friend Code: 9a4746
  4. longlatsurfer

    longlatsurfer New Member

    Please add longlatsurfer

    thanks in advance!
  5. Jooler

    Jooler New Member

    Please add me. New to the game.
    District: Mannupville
    Name: Jooler
    friend code: 117d2f
  6. mugford77

    mugford77 New Member

    player: mugford
    code: 7decc9

    thank you
  7. dnubpa

    dnubpa Member

    Please add me Nucho
    I really need more friends in order to progress
    Thanks in advance
  8. megavega

    megavega New Member

  9. megavega

    megavega New Member

    Player: goldencoin

    Friend code: 1c3126

    I've been trying to add more friends and codes, but it says only one inviting friend code can be added. Am i doing something wrong?
  10. snoopcat213

    snoopcat213 New Member

    I love giving paid gifts and am on this game about 20 times a day or more.

    User Name = AddMeNow123
    District = AddMeNow123
    Friend Code = bad761
  11. Legasseum

    Legasseum New Member

    Friend: Legasseum
    Friend Code: 314966
  12. Legasseum

    Legasseum New Member

    Please add me. Will send you gift

    Friend: Legasseum
    Friend Code: 314966
  13. Gorty

    Gorty New Member

    Name: Gorty

    Friend Code: 85274

  14. Rast1

    Rast1 New Member

    Name: Rasteirinho


  15. kaustin45

    kaustin45 New Member

    Name: kaustin4545

    Friend code: 10f93d
  16. ThomasH

    ThomasH New Member

    Player: thomashendriksen
    District Huissen
  17. Rast1

    Rast1 New Member



    lost my previous city....
  18. DeDanja

    DeDanja New Member

    please add me
  19. KateySirus

    KateySirus New Member

    Player: KateySirus
    Code: 962d77
    District: TwoZeroFive
  20. sammystar316

    sammystar316 New Member

    add me as a friennndddd <3 :p

    username: samanthastarlee

    friend code: 4ec6d4

  21. mookl

    mookl New Member

    Please add me. New to the game.
    District: kern0w
    Name: kern0w
    friend code: 8b58a4
  22. fernando141

    fernando141 New Member

  23. cbozoom

    cbozoom New Member

    wonderzoom :D
    friend code - b9dc6b
  24. JoannaL24

    JoannaL24 New Member

    Hello!! Please add me! I play daily and will respond to friend requests w/in an hour Thank You :) Name : JoannaL24 Friend Code: d7e99a
  25. Fizzzyheads

    Fizzzyheads Member

    Add Me: Fizzzyheads03
    Friend Code: 075473

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