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  1. rexar

    rexar New Member

    Hi there i use both Insyncr and Rocket Player from JRTStudios and i believe as of this last update every time i click the next song button the song starts playing at max volume until i hit the volume key up or down then it returns to where it was previously. It stays at the same volume if i just let the song run over into the next one but if i ever want to skip the song i have to deal with the sudden blaring of music into my headphones. I have already uninstalled reinstalled and tried removing every file related to it. Anyone else? I appreciate any help you can give and if it helps use i have a Droid RAZR M. Thanks

    Edit: thanks to cyndies post I found that smart actions does stop the music from going back to high so an easy fix is to just use the workout sample then add the action adjust volume to whatever you can still change the volume as you see fit and it won't go back to max afterwards. Thanks cyndie!

  2. jimisugi

    jimisugi New Member

    I have the same problem with Razr M. Most likely a phone specific issue. Switched players for the time being and it works fine.
  3. bunnyjunk

    bunnyjunk New Member

    I actually joined just to ask about this, same kind of phone, same exact problem. Really annoying, have been trying to listen to music in the library and it's not going to work ou, apparently. Which player should I switch to instead? :(
  4. cyndie1030

    cyndie1030 Member

    I had this exact same problem with the Droid Raxr Maxx HD and wrote to the developer to let him know about it. He emailed me today and sent me a new .apk file to beta test to see if the volume issue was resolved. It worked just fine, no matter if the songs moved onto the next one on their own or if I clicked the Next button.

    I also tested if it worked using a Smart Action to start the Rocket Player when I plugged my headphones in and used the Smart Action to set the volume to Medium. No issues there either. So, I imagine an update will be coming soon!
  5. rexar

    rexar New Member

    Glad to here I'm not alone. I'll have to try and check out that smart actions thing. Furthermore I too have the RAZR M. Also anyone having trouble with playlists not syncing?

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