Rocketfish BT Headphone $22Accessories

  1. wkendrvr

    wkendrvr Member

    These sound really good! Got a pair and I have been really impressed how long they last too.

    Play/Pause/Next/Prev Vol Up/Down all work!



    Product Type Headset - Bluetooth 2.1
    Width 6 in
    Depth 5.4 in
    Height 2.4 in
    Weight 1.9 oz
    Headphones Type Headphones - binaural
    Headphones Form Factor Behind-the-neck
    Connectivity Technology Wireless - Bluetooth 2.1
    Bluetooth Profiles Hands Free Profile (HFP), Headset Profile (HSP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
    Sound Output Mode Stereo
    Connector Type 1 x Bluetooth
    Battery Headset battery
    Run Time (Up To) 14 hour(s)
    Standby Time 340 hours
    Manufacturer Warranty
    Service & Support 1 year warranty
    Service & Support Details Limited warranty - parts and labor - 1 year

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  2. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    What is the item number? The link doesn't work.
  3. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

    I have a pair and would recommend them too, they sound great.
  4. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    Which ones do you have? There's the in the ear and over the ear versions all over feebay.
  5. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

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  6. lembowski

    lembowski Well-Known Member

    Why are people so bad at posting links?
  7. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

    I'm not, I tested that link when I first posted it and it didn't work. So I redid it and it worked fine. Now I check the thread and it's broken again. Something is odd about that link.

    I replaced it with a related link that hopefully works.
  8. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    OT: Something is goofy about this forum and posting of links. No ebay link ever works. I don't get it.

    Back On-T: If these headphones are so good why are here so many open box versions being hocked on feebay? I would love to get some of these but I just don't understand why the quantity for sale. Everybody loves them that has them but obviously somebody didn't like them because they took them back. Puzzling.
  9. wkendrvr

    wkendrvr Member

    Don't think that is the case... These are ALL like brand new. All the ones we got were no different than the ones in the store, everything was in plastic...
  10. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    I ordered some and it looks like they will be delivered sometime on Wednesday.
  11. optikalillusi0n

    optikalillusi0n Well-Known Member

    Nice! Thanks for this thread. I've been looking around for a decent pair of BT headphones or in-ear items for a little bit now.

    Anyone have other ones that they like as well ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    I got the over the ear ones and find them very nice. The sound is actually quite decent for a small speaker and the range with the Evo is incredible. The only thing I didn't like was that one of the buttons rattled when doing aerobics or heavy exercise. But I got them for sitting at my desk so that won't bother me.
  13. lk2500

    lk2500 Member

    I picked these up (Rocketfish RF-MAB2) from a seller named dontmissonthis for $23 on ebay. Arrived in original packaging and seem to be working great.
  14. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    What is the bass response on these things?
  15. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member

    For a small pair of headphones they don't sound that bad. The bass is respectable for such a small set of headphones.
  16. jcheney10

    jcheney10 Active Member

    They are complete crap I bought mine from best buy and returned 3 times cause the buttons broke they just got depressedd in the device and they all rattled like something was loose.the fourth time I got my money back and am buying the motorola 305s shipped from amazon with 1 day shipping for36 dollars
  17. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    It seems the buttons are the main issue for a lot of people. I guess my hunt continues.
  18. borg92802

    borg92802 Active Member

    Can you please provide the model #??

    Thank you!
  19. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    No problem, we all do it :)
  20. charles87k

    charles87k New Member

    can you answer and make calls with this? also, how do you think they would handle during workouts? would the in ears be better than over the ears for working out? mainly biking.
  21. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    a tangent on this point...ive never used bluetooth headphones. do they make ones that also function like a jabra bluetooth you can talk on?
  22. Cruecu

    Cruecu Well-Known Member

    I use these to make calls and also as my running/workout headphones. Still going after a year with my hero and evo. The sound quality on calls is just as good as any other bluetooth I've ever used. I personally like the "over the ear" headphones. They feel comfortable and these are tight enough that they don't ever move, even when doing plyometrics during a workout.
  23. To answer the question as to why there are so many on eBay, Best Buy employees get a SUBSTANTIAL discount on Rocketfish and Dynex products. The margin on those brands can easily be 70-80%, if not more, so even at $22, for a $60 item, the sellers are probably still making $10 a pop. It is still a good deal (eBay) for those of us that can't get the employee discount, though.

    I'm thinking about giving them a try, but I've been spoiled with headphones in the past and I have a feeling I will be disappointed by the sound quality.

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