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  1. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    oh yeah, I'm not a rumor geek but I can only assume that a 'world phone' such as the Magic is claimed to be will follow with other phones, the nexxus or some other. The real question is will the SIM work in a phone that is freq'd for Zimbabwe and Kanada? :rolleyes:

  2. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    The origional idea behind the SIM cards on GSM phones is that if you were traveling to somewhere that your phone was incompatable, you could just rent a phone and pop your SIM card in and you would be good to go. As long as Google produces a phone that is compatable with Rogers frequences we should be fine going this route.
  3. puleen

    puleen Well-Known Member

    I am with you loconet, no more will I sign into the manipulative and cunning ways of Rogers. Enough is enough!
  4. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    One of our forum/facebook members posted an excellent blog article here: Puleen Patel Blog Archive Attention Rogers HTC Magic / Dream Users

    Check @RogersMary's response in the comments section. She is parroting the line that Rogers can't offer the upgrade because HTC won't make it.

    She either doesn't understand that we know 1.6 exists and it just has to be customized for Rogers (at Roger's request) or she is willfully playing the cover-up game and toeing the Rogers party line.

    This web site: now shows up on page 1 of a google search for the terms "Rogers Magic"

    Results for a search of "Rogers 1.6" are almost all us.

    We have one result for this forum with the terms "Rogers Android"
  5. porky1981

    porky1981 Active Member

    anyone get anywhere so far with rogers with terminating their contract or upgrading to a diff phone?

    I will try and call rogers on monday
  6. strevellick

    strevellick Active Member

    Yes, however you may not change to an iPhone unless you are willing to buy it outright. They are willing to change to a different phone, but that is considered a special case and your contract will be renewed automatically. It is different for each case (according to Christina for OotP). I don't want another phone...I want an iPhone considering that is what my two choices were at the time I signed up back in July. I researched all the phones and that is the only one I wanted. They said there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY they can offer an iPhone, even if you are about to cancel. So I am cancelling.
  7. ace862

    ace862 Active Member

  8. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

  9. strevellick

    strevellick Active Member

    Christina told me that I could change to a Blackberry if I wanted to, or maybe one of the other phones. She was not specific about the hardware, but then again I really didn't give her the chance. When she explained the contract extension she said that if I were to get a new phone my 3 year contract would start again from the time I made my selection. So, seeing as I only started my contract in July I did not think that was too much of a big deal. I was willing to compromise. However, I told her the only hardware I wanted was an iPhone as a replacement because I am frankly sick of the BS with Rogers and HTC.
  10. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    So I wonder if they would be willing to let us do this with one of the new Android 2.0 phones (if they ever get one) in the new year? Otherwise I will wait to see what the Nexus One is like, and as someone else mentioned, it might be just as cost effective to buy that and wait out my contract instead of buying it out now, and then leave Rogers then.

    I think we won't know enough until January.

    Not that I'm going to let up on them ;-)
  11. strevellick

    strevellick Active Member

    I will have to call Christina again and ask her if the Nexus One will be part of it. If so, I may wait. If not, forget it. I am really getting tired of the lack of support. For me it is becoming less and less about the hardware and more about the trust in Rogers. I think I am pretty much done with them.
  12. xxRabidxx

    xxRabidxx New Member

    Even if they were willing to let us upgrade to a new phone with 2.0 it would just be outdated in 6 months again and i doubt if they would be updating that one either. I dont want to go through all of this again. If it's affordable enough, I'll probably get a Nexus One (which google will be updating) and ride out the rogers contract and then switch to someone else.

    My friend from Italy uses Wind whenever he goes back and he loves it. No contracts, very flexible long distance, unlocked phones(i think) etc. Hopefully it'll put an end to the monopoly.
  13. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    The iphones are so popular they are having trouble keeping them in stock. Why would they want to give one to a disgruntled customer when it could just as well go to a new customer? They are not going to have any trouble getting rid of the phone, right.
  14. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    The only problem with getting the Nexus and sticking out our contracts with Rogers is that it will then be a GSM phone. Bell and Telus are CDMA carriers along with their cheaper brands . Fido is Rogers so that is out for switching. I'm not sure if Wind will be GSM or not, anybody know?

    And you all know that the Nexus will be built by HTC.

  15. strevellick

    strevellick Active Member

    @RogersMary: Can you please confirm that Rogers is NOT willing to offer a replacement device, specifically an iPhone, for the HTC Dream (or Magic in other cases). I am basing the future of my Rogers account by your response.
  16. techthentic

    techthentic Member

    ugh, so disappointed that we're not even going to get 1.6, and I was hoping for 2.0 :mad:
    I renewed my contract in august, and wouldn't mind starting 3 years from scratch if they offer me a bold 9700.
    Has anyone been offered this/who do I need to talk to to get out of the magic? I'm still steaming since I specifically asked the rogers rep at the store that if he wasn't 100% positive Rogers would provide consistent android os updates, I would buy a bb or iphone
  17. onlyafterdark

    onlyafterdark Member

    Well if you are inclined to stick out your contract with Rogers and buy a Nexus One, power to you since it will be updated by Google and will hopefully be supported for the length of your contract. Like I said in an above post, we do not know what bands it will use for sure yet.

    As for Wind, they use a 3G AWS band (1700/2100) which is completely different from the big three in Canada, meaning phones from the big three will not work on Wind's network unless the 1700/2100 bands are supported on the phone.

    I would not suggest getting a 2.0 phone from Rogers (or any locked Android device for that matter) due to the fact that nothing will change and you will have an expensive paper weight in less than 6 months. Better to wait and see what the Nexus One will be like and what Wind and Dave wireless will do phone wise.

    And for the fact that HTC is building the Nexus One,it is up to you whether you want to support HTC after this mess. They will have zero control over the software which should solve our main problem, but you have to forgive them for completely screwing you over with Rogers first.

  18. halldorr

    halldorr Active Member

  19. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Ladies & Gentlemen... I give you (drum roll) !


    I whipped this up today to be yet another official place for us to bring attention to our problem with Rogers and Android.

    This blog is a companion blog to Big Dog's blog: I Want My One-Point-Six and Andy2010's blog: Rogers says they aren't responsible for firmware update

    The combination of these three blogs linking back and forth, and to the various articles that appear on the web, will help to drive search results to keep this issue in the top returns on search engines.

    Please feel free to create an account and/or comment. There is only one post so far that summarizes the issue, I will post more soon, including a "time line" of everything that has happened.

    I'm new to using Wordpress, so feel free to send me any hints or suggestions.
  20. zortoflaven

    zortoflaven Well-Known Member

  21. onlyafterdark

    onlyafterdark Member

    It tells you everything, but none of it is confirmed as there could be other versions of the phone that will work on different bands. What they originally thought has been crossed out and what they now believe shows that it will only work on the Wind network(T-Mobile in the USA). Read the comments last page, particularly the posts by PlasmaDragon007.

    If you want to know more about the bands used by the big three, Google search is your friend.

  22. porky1981

    porky1981 Active Member

    Did they tell you that you could terminate without penalty? just curious,

    btw, who do I call at rogers, just regular customer service? Thx for your help

  23. onlyafterdark

    onlyafterdark Member

    Make sure you are careful with terminology with Rogers as what you think a word might mean may be different from what they think it means. Just get them to clarify everything that they talk about so you dont get screwed again. Good luck!
  24. rod

    rod New Member

    I spent a few hours talking to a customer support manager a few weeks ago named Todd. I asked him about the lack of paid apps in the market and the lack of firmware upgrades, for which he had no immediate answers. However, he spent a day trying to track down information pertaining to these two concerns and emailed me back (which was nice, yet it lacked any answers). The most important thing he did was to offer me the option of returning my HTC Dream and canceling my contract, which I am going to do now.

    I am hoping to get a Nexus One (yes, it's merely an HTC Passion, yet at least it's unlocked and supported by Google). The current model works on T-Mobile's 3G/AWS 1700MHz Network, which is exactly the same as the new Globalive Wind 3G network, so I will be able to get 3G access. Not only will I have no contract to worry about, yet the prices at Wind are far below Rogers' plans.

    Rogers, you are living in the past, and your days are surely nearing an end. Your lack of support and your ridiculous 3 year contracts make you (and by association the rest of Canada) the laughing stock of the planet when it comes to wireless access. Companies like Wind are going to boot you into bankruptcy (most likely your other divisions will allow you to keep your wireless operation running, yet not forever).
  25. chrisyak

    chrisyak Well-Known Member

    Thank you to everyone who has spent time doing research and contacting people at Rogers,HTC and those spreading the word.

    Rogers, Rogers, Rogers.......

    Well the Revolution did not last long, further proof that all you want is our money and really don't care about your customers.......

    I am embarrassed that i once again have been bent over a barrel by Rogers....

    I guess Rogers really does not care to catch on the android wave and support their products they would just rather sell us new phones. Well all this negative publicity in regards to android will cause new users to look elsewhere due to the lack of support and spend their money with another company. I have no desire to support Rogers when they will not even stand by their own products.

    They wonder why people are look for alternatives to the big 3 ,well this is just one of many reasons why.

    This experience has left me a much more educated buyer and i will not spend my hard earned money with robbers anymore.

    1.6 should not even be a question they should be working on getting too much......


    Well all the blame cannot go to Rogers either cause at the end of the day this is a HTC phone and is obvious they just want to sell handsets but by allowing carriers to not provide updates for the phones they certainly are hurting their image and will cause android users to look at others brands as well.

    Google, Google, Google

    Great OS but.......You need to learn a thing or two from the iphone and that you need to rollout these updates across the board on these phones just not ones you brand and make. Failing to do so is a major mistake and will cost you in the long run. While android may be taking off and getting a larger market share how do you think the sales are going to be in a few years when android owners are tired of being handcuffed from the carriers and manufactures of your phones by poor support....I love my android phone but i tell you a unlocked iphone is looking allot more attractive to me specially in the long run....

    In the mean time putting pressure on Rogers and all the negative press they are going to receive on this and loss of revenue may force their hands to get them off their cheap lazy butts and do something about this issue...

    All i have to say is thank god my contract is up this summer, wind, dave, public will all get a chance to get my money since Rogers has proven all they care about is your money not customer satisfaction.

    [FONT=&quot]p.s. Mary i know you are trying to do your best but you have walked into a firestorm here and i think actions speak louder than words, please spare us from the generic meaningless responses that only add more fuel to the fire[/FONT]

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