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  1. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

  2. gnugu

    gnugu Well-Known Member

    Yes it does. I just thought you would want to keep your devices. I guess you don't care.

    I bought mine on craigslist, so I don't want to purchase new one to get to CDMA. I don't play the 3 year plan game.
  3. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    I am keeping mine. Kinda regret getting Dream though. I like Hero better.
  4. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    gnugu, I turned blue holding my breath years ago. Cell service here has sucked for a long time and now that things are technically a little better the industry is still horrible. I have a cell phone after many years only because of Android and a new boss that insists on paying for it. My last cell had a rotary dial and we called them car phones :)

    Andy, it would be ideal if Dave supported non carrier branded Android. Amazing in fact. But I won't hold my breath on that either. Fixing this horribly broken industry here will be a lot tougher than it should be. The feds are in bed with the carriers so things won't change for the benefit of the consumer except with very high pricing. But I'm keeping an eye on Dave just in case you can push over the corrupt feds.
  5. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    Someone is discussing with RogersMary on twitter regards to terminate the contract without penalty due to poor service from Rogers not updating the firmware.

    RT @bunhead @RogersMary if rogers is not going to provide the updates then can I get out of my contract without penalty?
  6. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    i'll be really pissed if Telus offers their Hero update to 2.0 or 2.1.
  7. PascalS13

    PascalS13 Member


    Finally got some free time between homework tonight and decided to call rogers' tech. support.

    I started talking about Android and the girl I spoke to first was completly ignorent so she referred me to her MALE college.

    I started explaining that I had just bought a LG Eve and was wondering why such a recent phone had such an old version of Android (1.5) when 2 newer versions were already out (1.6, and recently 2.0).

    Even though I don't have the HTC Magic, I mentionned, as you already know, that 1.6 is out for the HTC Magic on T-Mobile but not for those that are with Rogers.

    The guy started admitting I was right (and probably realised I wasn't another dumb customer) and said : ''well, honestly, it is because of the recession and for budget reasons''. I replied: ''sir, Rogers is in the top 3 of the biggest wireless providers in Canada''. His only answer was: ''I know sir, but I really can't tell you because I honestly don't know myself''. I asked if there was the slighest possibility that maybe someone COULD be working tonight that had SOME information but he declined.

    Me :''So basicly Rogers doesn't want to buy the new version of Android from Google?''
    Rogers:''I don't know, sir. I really don't know.''
    Me:''There really is NO ONE working for Rogers that knows if ANYONE is working on releasing the new versions of Android the LG Eve or Magic on Rogers?''
    Rogers:''(Guess what he said)''.

    Budget reasons. That's the biggest thing to remember from my conversation with the guy. If budget is so important to them, and we start cancelling our contracts with them, or maybe at least threaten them that we will, will they start to work on the release of the newer versions of Android? That is the question.

    I'll continue calling every day/evening.

    Good night

    PS: Reading my post, I noticed I forgot to mention something.
    The guy said, at one point, that IF rogers starts working on the release of the new versions, it won't be anytime soon.
  8. bunhead

    bunhead Well-Known Member

    That is me :D. I have several emails into support asking why we can't get the new version of android when iPhones get regular updates. I am also complaining about the poor 3g coverage we get in Ottawa. The phone says that it is in 3g mode with full signal but as soon as ANY data tries to go through the phone it drops down to H. This happens with my Dream, my Treo 750 as well as all my friends that have iPhones. I am also going down the dark and scary path of how come the cell service is non-existent between Ottawa and Toronto when I am on the train, even though the coverage map says that it is covered. If I can get out of my rogers contract without a penalty I will. I will cancel my cell, Internet and television contract with them, it may not be much to them but it is $200 of my dollars a month that they will never see again.
  9. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Update: As most of you know (read back through this thread) I've been in touch with Sherri from the office of the president. When I spoke with her on Monday, she promised to get back to me within 2 business days. It's been three days now, so earlier this morning I used the email form on their complaints page to send an email directly to the office of the president (I want to make sure I follow their complaints process so they can't dismiss the complaint for bureaucratic reasons).

    This is what I sent:

    "On Monday, Nov 30 I spoke to Nick in technical support. I asked when Rogers would release the 1.6 update for Google Android. he told me he did not know. I asked to elevate the call, as per the instructions on your site regarding making a complaint. He refused to elevate the call, telling me that there was no one who could give me an answer to my question. I asked to be transferred to someone to whom I could make a complaint.

    I was transferred to Sherri, who claimed to be from the office of the president. She listened to my complaint, and while putting me on hold, made some inquiries to "Tier 2" technical support. She returned to tell me she was looking in to the issue and she guaranteed she would call me within _2_ business days. It is now _3_ days later, and Sherri has not called me on either of the two numbers I gave her.

    I expect to receive a phone call TODAY (Thursday, Dec 3) from Sherri, or some one else in the office of the President in regards to my complaint, specifically:

    - that Android version 1.6 has been available since September of this year, that almost all other cell phone carriers (like US customers) have had this update _on their users phones_ for months, but Rogers customers have not yet received this update. New apps are being released for the newer versions of Android, and Rogers customers will not be able to use these application. Eventually our phones will become as useless as old "dumb" phones. Android users in Canada are getting very upset. We demand the same level of support provided to iPhone customers.

    If I do not receive the promised phone call before 5:00pm today, I will elevate this complaint to the Ombudsperson.

    Thank you,
    Michael Schmidt"

    Now, at about 11:00am I received a phone call from Sherri. She said she was still looking in to it, and had to bring one of her senior managers in on the complaint because apparently no one in her office was sure about who exactly was responsible for Android updates, and she said she wants to make sure she has a definitive answer for me. I said it seemed to me it should be a fairly simple question to answer, since they know the update is available!

    I told her that it sounded like she was just calling to give me "the run around". At this point she actually started to sound a bit angry (offended?) and said she would NEVER call a customer to give them the run around, that customer service is very important to them, and she wants to be sure that she gives me a proper answer, and it's taking some time. She also said she didn't want me calling in to customer service or the ombudsperson complaining that "Sherri wasn't helping" me.

    I thanked her, and said I appreciated her help, and looked forward to hearing from her again soon (it never hurts to be polite).

    So, I'm going to give her a bit more time. We're almost tilting at windmills here, trying to get through this big business mentality, so we need to be a _little_ patient. Of course, I won't wait for ever.

    By the way, here is a link to Rogers "Customer Commitment" so you can quote it to them if/when you are complaining:
  10. gnugu

    gnugu Well-Known Member

    I may be mistaken, but isn't H a 3G?
    I'm using CyanogenMOD and if I remember Cyanogen removed H icon because it was redundant. H is for HSPA which is one of 3G protocols.
  11. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Just a friendly request to fork this to a new discussion? Preferably we should keep this thread just for the discussion of Rogers support and updating Android. :)
  12. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    Good Morning fellas, I am abit little tied up with some computer virus issue. Anyway, good to hear that Sherri is following up. I hope she meant for real.
  13. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Some messages from Rogers customers I found on Twitter. Hope @RogersMary is paying attention.


    David_Canada @RogersMary Why has Rogers not released a 1.6 Android ROM for the Dream? Android 2.0 is out, and Canadians are stuck at 1.5. What's up?

    bunhead @RogersMary if rogers does not intend on to providing android 1.6 then can I get out of my contract without penalty?

    bunhead @RogersMary I feel that if rogers doesn't provide version 1.6 of android they are not properly supporting the product

    I_Artist @heuristicmedia U're in Canada (like me), Rogers does the ****ING TERRIBLE advertising of #android. Yes, you've them, u just didn't know it

    maxaudet RT @tweetmeme Dear# Rogers: When Will #Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in #Canada Blog Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in Canada Blog

    Crimsonium I agree! RT @androidincanada: New Blog Post: Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in Canada Blog

    69JAM76 RT @digitalfemme: RT @androidincanada: New Blog Post: Dear Rogers: When Will #Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in Canada Blog

    digitalfemme RT @androidincanada: New Blog Post: Dear Rogers: When Will #Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in Canada Blog

    pixeladdikt RT @androidincanada: Respond to #Rogers about #Android 1.6 and 2.0 updates here folks: Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in Canada Blog

    (A lot of people are Retweeting the above)

    the18 RT @purplehayz: Google brings Google Maps Navigation to more Android devices Google brings Google Maps Navigation to more Android devices - TechSpot News - Still no frak'n 1.6 for my G1 from Rogers.
  14. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    If you notice, she kept saying she will pass the information to the team. No followup or whatsoever.
  15. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member


    Ok, just received another call from Sherri at Rogers. She tells me she had to "bring in" the "Director of Device Management" from Rogers mobility to get some answers, and this is currently the "offical" answer from Sherri (from the office of the president or Rogers) regarding the availability of Android 1.6

    According to Sherri: "HTC will be releasing 1.6 to Rogers _in late Decemeber_ for Rogers to test, and _if_ it passes their tests, _might_ be available to Rogers customers from the Rogers web site _in the beginning of the new year_."

    So, obviously our next step is to contact HTC and find out if this is true, or BS.
  16. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Here is the email I just sent to HTC:

    "I am a customer of Rogers Wireless in Canada, and I have an HTC Magic. Currently we only have Android 1.5.

    Today I spoke to Sherri (from the office of the president) at Rogers, who has told me that _HTC_ had told Rogers that Android 1.6 will be released to Rogers in late December of 2009 for Rogers to test.

    I would like to know if this is correct.

    Thank you,

    Michael Schmidt"
  17. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    Here's the thing Mike, when i talked to HTC support department, he told me that Rogers have to pay for the update to HTC inorder for them to work with Rogers for the update. So i asked him do you know if Rogers has paid yet? He said he couldn't tell because it's out of their reach to know. He told me that in his past experience with Rogers HTC winmobile phone, not once Rogers pay them to update for Rogers winmobile devices.
  18. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    @Andy: I know, I remembered that when sending my email, but who knows, maybe we'll get a different response this time.

    All we can do is continue pestering Rogers on twitter and via email and phone calls. when I have more time tonight, I am going to write up a summary of this whole thing and send it to the Android in Canada blog to see if they will print it or write about it. I will also start passing it around to other Canadian cell phone blogs.

    I made it very clear to Sherri that we are not going away, and that if there was no update in the new year, Rogers would be hearing from us again, likely to get out of our contracts.

    I pointed out that, as far as testing goes, since the T-Mobile MyTouch is the same as the Magic (in most cases) they can not say that 1.6 is incompatible with the hardware.
  19. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    No they can't. Hell even firmware 2.0 will work on our phone. It just matter if they wanted to do it or not. I am going to check what the status of 2.0 on a G1. The last time i've checked, they haven't got camera and video going.
  20. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    Great job of pestering them guys, I'm going to start pestering them as well. Maybe we can get them to put something officially on their site regarding the 1.6 update.

    One thing though. I have previously been in contact with Rogers and HTC regarding the paid apps in the market. According to both it's Google that is blocking our access to them. But maybe if we all lean on Rogers they will lean on Google.
  21. gnugu

    gnugu Well-Known Member

    I'm Android developer. I asked the same question to Google. This is what they said:

    They think that the initiative should come from Rogers.
  22. davidelewis

    davidelewis Active Member

    I just wanted to say thanks for pressuring Rogers to provide an Android 1.6/2.0 update. The lack of clarity from Rogers is atrocious ... I regret convincing a number of friends in September to get the HTC Magic. I've seriously considered rooting my phone, but because I have a "perfect SPL" (HBOOT-1.33.0010) on my phone, there's the hassle of making a goldcard, etc. However, if Rogers is not be clear about the support they will provide - I may have no option ...
  23. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

  24. heykillermiller

    heykillermiller New Member

    I quickly skimmed through this thread, and I'm happy to see so many folks trying to get Rogers to update Android to 1.6 or 2.0. We are really hoping for the updates too, mainly because my husband is blind. He has the HTC Dream. With the latest version of Android, there is a more advanced TTS (text-to-speech) engine. He is using the phone now with the with the latest TTS library, and eyes-free software from the Market, which allows him to tell time, dial, gives him GPS data, etc.. Recently someone developed a screen reader for the 1.6 and my guy would love to try it out, for obvious reasons. It makes software much more accessable! For example he might be able to use more advanced GPS technology (such as AndNav), so he could more easily go out for a walk without being taught everything by his mobility instructor. Just to be able to go on a simple walk or try something different than the usual route. He could browse the web, write notes. Essentially this could be a mini computer/companion of less than half the cost of a GPS manufactured for the blind (around $1000!). A note: We chose an Android phone for its superior GPS receiver and its open OS (my guy is interested in helping developers), instead of getting Apple's iPhone with voiceover, screenreading software.

    I've written them recently, outlining why we would appreciate the update, and they replied that 1.6 was out! They pointed me to the Techsupport page to update the phone, however from what I can tell the build, 1.86.631.1, is still 1.5 but with the August update! (We're attempting to read up before updating)

    So I'm hopeful that they will update in the New Year as hinted above in previous posts. However my hopes aren't high!

    Mostly I wanted to write because I thought you folks could use more ammunition for the Rogers Android update cause. This is great not just for the blind but for folks with low vision or vision problems. Or for people who want to use their phone without looking at the screen. I figure the more reasons we give them, the better the chance for an update. They could be do-gooders for the blind community! My husband would appreciate more independence. And he has a big mouth (so do I) and we'd be thrilled to share how awesome Rogers is, IF Rogers steps up to the plate! Good image, more customers... ;D

    To know more about Eyes-free and the TTS library, go here
    eyes-free - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Thanks for reading!!

  25. Andy2010

    Andy2010 Well-Known Member

    Jennifer, good to see you participate in this forum. I just forwarded your comment to ombudsman department whom i was dealing with earlier this week. Hopefully she can understand better why this firmware updates are important to us.

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