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Rogers HTC Magic - $200

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  1. Andy348

    Andy348 New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 29, 2010
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    I'm selling an HTC Magic locked to Rogers. It is in great condition, the only real blemish is a scratch on the "back" key (pictured below). The phone is fully functional (3G, EDGE, etc) and comes with the following:

    -2GB micro SD card for music, videos, etc
    -See-through hard case
    -HTC case/sleeve
    -iPhone screen protector that can be cut to fit the Magic
    -USB cable
    -Mini-usb -> 3.5mm jack with microphone

    Below are pictures of what it comes with along with a picture showing the "back" key.

    The price is not negotiable. Email me for the quickest response at amilner93@hotmail.com

    Payment must be through Paypal. The cost is in Canadian $$ and includes shipping within Canada + US. Phone is running on a 2.1 ROM. I fixed the problems that I had before regarding 911 fix, so it is good to go.

    Selling because I like my Blackberry Bold better but I am considering trades.



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