Rogers' Value Pack cannot be changed (?)

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  1. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Hi :)

    I have a value pack with Rogers that includes: evening starting at 6pm, caller ID, Voice mail (VM) and 2300 text. I got this value pack when I renewed my contract with Rogers, and I was able to pick and choose what I wanted for a very cheap price. Some of the other options I could have was Instant Messaging (IM), long distance minutes (don't remember how many minutes) or My5.

    I don't really use VM, and I thought I'd switch that option to IM. When I called Rogers Customer Service (RCS)and asked to make the change, I was refused. The guy on the other line said that the value pack is static and you cannot make any changes/adjustment to it. You buy the pack as it IS. And told me that if I want IM, I'd need to pay the $5/month for it.

    I tried to argue with him that I did NOT buy the value pack as IS (stated on the website) and was able to pick what I wanted. So now I don't want VM, I want to change it to the IM option and I couldn't see why he can't change it. The value of each is the same, so it made sense to me that they can make the change for me. I even told him that the rep that gave me the plan TOLD me that I could switch what I include in the value plan when she gave it to me.

    My question is, is this really true (can't change the contents of a value pack)? Has anyone been able to successfully change the options in their value plan?

    Thanks for your help :)

  2. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    It might have changed from what it had been, but for now, yes, you can only take value packs as is. I would love to choose specific features for my value pack too. 6GB plan, choosing value pack features, and what else has Rogers cancelled?
  3. If you've been a Roger's Customer for 3+ years, ask to speak to the phone junkie's supervisor. Once talking to the supervisor, tell him what you're looking for, they'll say no, then threaten to switch to Wind Mobile. They'll start working deals with you.

    It's all about call escalation.
  4. seher

    seher New Member

    hi uhm i have a pay as you go plan and i was wondering if i could switch from that to a value pack that cost about $20.00. my current pay as you go plan is also $20.00 is it possible to switch from my plan to the value pack?
  5. guitarplayer16

    guitarplayer16 Active Member

    I believe the Value Pack is an add-on for phones on a monthly plan.
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    So, my contract is up in 4 days. I talked to Customer Retention and I am debating whether to resigned with them or move to WIND.

    Right now, this is my plan:
    My new plan, I'll have the $5 Add-on taken off and everything is the same except it's 5pm evening, 100 bonus minutes and Rogers to Rogers. The total with the fees will be $57.75. and plus tax it's $64.

    WIND's plan is in Wind zone, unlimited CA wide minutes and international texts, caller ID and voicemail and unlimited data (soft capped at 5GB) for $40. So with tax, that's about $45. So I'll save about $20.

    I was wondering if you were given this new plan, would you stick with Rogers or go to WIND?

    I spend 95% of my time in the GTA.
  7. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    I say switch to Wind. Given you are in the GTA 95% of the time and it's cheaper, it seems like a good idea to switch.

    I'm just outside of the GTA in Woodbridge and I'm just barely outside the Wind zone. I was wanting to switch to Wind too but will have to wait until they expand their service to my area. I know a couple other people who are on Wind and are happy. Now I'm locked into Rogers for another 3 years after my own retentions deal. At least I got better phones for myself and my wife.
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  8. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Thanks Kyle. It know over 3 years, Wind is cheaper but the initial cost is on the 'high' side for me as I'd have to break my Data Contract (which is stupid, data should be considered an add on). I have a great phone that I got last year (off contract for $700). I want this phone to be used for another year to make the investment worth it, lol. If Rogers could have taken off my system access fee and have my bill to $50, I'd probably stay XD
  9. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    Hi Roze,
    When you mentioned your contract is up, I thought that meant there would be no other costs at Rogers. So, your 3 year contract is up but you are stuck with a data contract? How much is it to cancel that? I can understand wanting to make the phone you got off contract worth the investment. I was about to do the same thing...I wanted to buy the Galaxy Nexus outright from Futureshop. I had some gift cards worth about $ I was hoping to just pick up the phone for full price...However, when I got to the store they said they don't have a buy out price yet since phone is new. Only could buy out from Rogers...and Futureshop said gift cards could not be used toward hardware anyway and cost would be charged to Rogers invoice D'oh!!!!! My plan was to buy the galaxy nexus outright and switch to wind in one year when my contract was officially I'm stuck for another 3 years....when I know I could be paying less with Wind if they were in my area.

    I guess in your situation you need to figure out the costs for both but also there is something to be said about finally getting away from Rogers!!!! Wind seems to have a better pricing model where you pay more for the phone and have to pay something back if you leave before a year or something (hopefully I have that right, only going by heresay). The countdown is on for me...3 more years and my wife and I will switch... I feel like I got sucked back in but also that I had no choice given I had a year left on my contract and was desparate to upgrade from my magic had to go the early upgrade fee route.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  10. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    I have to pay $100 data cancellation fee. So, I called Rogers to cancel and guess what? I have to give them a 30 days notice. What a sleezy piece of shit of a company! They will milk you as much as$$ possible, and that includes having you pay for another month of bloody service.

    Ah damn it Kyle, 3 years of overpaying your bill is tough. You know what I would have done? Gone on kajiji or craiglist, and post that you want a Galaxy Nexus and you will pay $350 + a Future shop gift card of $225 and see if anyone replied. The phone might be used, but you would be stuck with Rogers for and not another 3 years. year
  11. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    Sounds worth it to pay the $100 as you'll save more in the long run..assuming you can use your phone on Wind if it's unlocked.

    Yeah, I wish I had time to investigate other solutions...My wife is expecting baby number 2 on March 2nd and honestly I didn't want hassle and running around trying to find a better solution.
  12. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Congrats on baby no. 2, Kyle :)

    It's unlocked but sadly my phone is not compatible with WIND :(

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