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[ROM][10-08-2012] Jelly Belly Rom Breakout

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  1. mouaboyz

    mouaboyz New Member

    [ROM][10-08-2012] Jelly Bean look based off the Broken Out 2.0 Rom. Took me a while, this is the best I was able to get it. If you like it and would like to donate to my efforts you can do so via :D paypal: moua_hmong @ hotmail.com ;)

    download: h t t p : / / d - h . s t / t Z x

    sorry since I just created my account i'm not allowed to put up links. delete the spaces. Let me know what you think.

    Install through CWM Recovery as zip.

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  2. alex9113

    alex9113 Member

    Hello! I would like to see it but the link isn't working.

    EDIT: Now it works.
  3. TheCheeze

    TheCheeze Active Member

    Nod32 flags it as an android platform trojan?
  4. csteger93

    csteger93 New Member

    Thanks mouaboyz! I installed this on my Breakout last night. So far, so good. I couldn't get the Messaging App to work correctly, so I installed Handcent, which seems to be working correctly. I'll post an update after I have more time with the ROM!
  5. aigochamaloh

    aigochamaloh Member

    Just flashed this on mine, and installed fine. Holy crap, is this really Jellybean? How did you make this?
  6. alex9113

    alex9113 Member

    Hello Everyone!

    The Trojan is a false positive. Please look here for more info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/...DEsImNvbS5TeW5kaWNhdGVBcHBzLmpibGF1bmNoZXIiXQ..

    You did a pretty good job overall but you probably need to change several things.

    • Change the Actual Android Version back to 2.3.3 (This could misled users.)
    • Please change the install text to show that this is your version of Broken Out. This can prevent confusion about the original. :)
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  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    If this is a themed gingerbread ROM (it looks to be one) please make it obvious as to not cause confusion.
  8. aigochamaloh

    aigochamaloh Member

    Yep, just as mentioned above, it is themed. Figured it out when playing around with a little bit after install, but went back to BrokenOut 2
  9. newraze

    newraze Active Member

    none of the apps will udate and you can't send messages so I think the radio got scewed up when you messed with the broken out rom.
  10. gpost49

    gpost49 New Member

    I just installled this rom on my Pantech Breakout and there is no app for the camcorder or camera..? Do you have any idea what might have happened?
    Its a baad a$$ rom, I love it, but dont really want it if there is no camera on it..thanks!!

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