{ROM}{3/10/2012}2.3.4 A85 v2023 lite

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  1. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    hey everyone as i told you i am going to provide you a 2.3.4 rom
    simple rom
    added english recovery of clockwordmod v5.0.2.7
    little features
    1)pre rooted
    2)349mb ram version
    3)supports indian apns and ussd
    5)simple rom can edit and install what you like
    6)added 2 launcher and all new google play
    7)added screen off animation
    8) added 1% battery indicator

    password :applicationz

  2. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    hey will try and revert as soon as possible.....
  3. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    just flashed this rom...
    nice work done by applocationz...
    earlier my free ram use to be around 115 mb.. with this rom i get it 200 mb as free...
    ram increased..
    most icons from stock rom...
    i can feel the liteness of rom..
    liked it...
    the best thing is its pre rooted..
    thanx applicationz....
  4. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    missing touchpal in the package
  5. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    ease of english recovery.... no headache to read and guess chinese lang... :p
  6. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    best quadrant standard score of all the roms (tried on v-1.1.7)
    k touch unofficial apanda 3000

    k touch un official rooted gms 2.2 2055

    cherry magnum 2x 2.3 2887

    Mmx stock rom 2.2 2059

    Igyaan cherry rom 2.3 1352

    2.3.4 A85 v2023 lite 3021

    the highest scorer is this rom.....
  7. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    hmmm touchpal maine socha stock hi dal deta hu
  8. bbqs

    bbqs New Member

    edit: thanks
  9. love4chat

    love4chat Member

    Manav Bro UR Rom Is Awesome!!!
  10. niksss

    niksss Well-Known Member

    Plz provide link on how to install this rom.
  11. dobermaxx

    dobermaxx Active Member

    Great work man, the ROM is slick and sweet. No more Cherry Mobile for me, now I'm a Micromax user :)
  12. archkuja

    archkuja Member


    the file says password protected
  13. galabuon

    galabuon New Member

    nick of man
  14. vinay007parab

    vinay007parab Active Member

    finally.... a perfect... zero % ussd error...smooth ...and fantastic android 2.3 rom.....awsome appy........and dude kindly provide link to update this rom to the above dudes ...i guess they are new... anyways password is applicationz

    thanks and enjoy
  15. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    hey appy after u have uploaded this rom i cant find any posts on this forum... guess all the usrs are now satisfied....
    :) :p
  16. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    i am facing battery discharge problem...wen i restart celll battery level increases upto 15 to 20%... also wiped battery stat...
  17. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Everything is fine and great except G-sensor Calibration when v place the phone vertically n calibrate it,it doesnt point it to the centre so facing the problem while playing games which use g-sensor.And Stock 2.2 rom doesnt hav this problem please rectify it
  18. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    hey the problem is not faced by me my g sensor calibration is fine
    and calibrate it the point will come into the center
    just try keeping the phone on the table and calibrate
    is the point near the center or far away
  19. Sanchodecuba

    Sanchodecuba Member

    Hey applicationz !! Thanks again for your awesome work !

    Im just trying to install this, i'll give you feedback about this really fast i hope.

  20. Sanchodecuba

    Sanchodecuba Member

    Yeah the flashing process works !! The rom is super cool, really smooth and root is awesome !

    I'll give you others feedback the more i use the rom.
  21. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    when i place it on the table it points to the centre its fine no at all a issue bt keep the phone vertical and try to calibrate it,it doesnt point to the centre and original stock rom 2.2 doesnt hav this prob where evr u calibrate it it comes to the centre n v can play the games at any angle
  22. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    ohk now i get you you are right hope further improvement in next rom
    pab likes this.
  23. pab

    pab Member

    applicationz, great rom, thanks.
  24. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    No Doubt that ROM is Xcellent Bt Small Issues I Guess it Rectifies Soon
  25. nonbeing

    nonbeing Member

    EDIT: USSD codes (e.g. *123# in airtel) were not working on iGyaan's ROM - the phone would go into airplane mode. Also data (3G) was not working on that ROM. So I tried another attempt at flashing appy's ROM and this time it worked! So far so good - USSD working fine, 3G working out-of-the-box. Looking good, appy, THANK YOU :)

    1. <del>applicationz, your ROM didn't work for me. I followed the instructions at [URL]http://androidforums.com/a85-all-things-root/490665-tutorial-how-upgrade-mmx-a85-2-3-4-a.html[/URL] and using the "A85_2.3.4_v2023.zip" file.
    2. I got the green light and "return" message in NvMultiDown. When I booted the phone after flashing, I got the boot screen, "Superfone, Android, Powered by Nvidia Tegra"... but the phone was stuck there. I waited for upto 15 mins, but it didn't progress. Pulled out battery and rebooted, but same problem.
    3. I flashed the same ROM again, but still the same problem.
    4. By now I Was sh*tt*ng bricks thinking my phone was a brick, so out of desperation, I tried to flash the igyaan ROM. Thankfully, the igyaan/Cherry Mobile ROM worked just fine, and my phone is still alive.
    5. Shame that applicationz's ROM didn't work, I heard so many good reports from everyone here that I was eager to use it :( </del>

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