{ROM}{3/10/2012}2.3.4 A85 v2023 lite

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  1. Sanchodecuba

    Sanchodecuba Member

    Still an awesome rom after 1 week of use.

    But i have a question about the fact that when i go out of battery and that the phone turns off, when the phone start again i've lost all my contacts stored in internal memory of the phone.

    Can you tell me more about this issue ?

    Thanks a lot !

  2. aquaandro

    aquaandro Well-Known Member

    Why do you store it on phone mermory??

    Its Android dude... Use google contacts instead... you can sync and download your contact info anywhere and everywhere
  3. nonbeing

    nonbeing Member

    This really is a superb rom. When you create a new alarm, the days of the week are in Chinese, and the boot screen could have used a bit more polish, but these are very minor gripes. The only real problem after 3-4 days of usage is the battery drain. The stock A85 phone already had a serious battery problem and now with this rom, it seems to have gotten even worse :(

    Great job, appy! Thank you! Hoping that someone fixes the battery problems somehow... another ROM or something else....
  4. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    now i have to think for these minor issues anyone else has an other problem ?
  5. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    and battery drain is far better than mmx 2.2 and is equal to cherry magnum 2x
    their will be an improvement in battery in future ,i can even use it for 2 days if i need backup and 1
    if you want i can give you another 2.2 with awesome backup but still it will be 2.2 i have stopped working on that
  6. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Can U Provide Me 2.2 Rom Wid Awesome Battery Backup As U Mentioned I ll try It
  7. aquaandro

    aquaandro Well-Known Member

    Hi Shiva... if you are a postpaid user then you can go for Igyaan's 2.3... Seriously I charge my phone alternate day... the battery backup is amazing... try it... I guess only prepaid guyz have problem coz of the ussd error...
  8. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Hi aquaandro, I'm a Prepaid User and I dont hav any USSD Errors and A85 2.3.4 Lite ROM is Good bt Battery Backup Is Good Bt Not That Great and Lasts me Only a Day of Full Usage(Games,wifi and Messaging) and is Igyaan Rom Good at Battery Backup or Applicationz A85 2.3.4 ROM????
  9. aquaandro

    aquaandro Well-Known Member

    I prefer Igyaan's in terms of Battery... I dont even remember when I last charged it... 24 hours of Data (2G) is on... games, surfing etc... also calls, chats, msgs etc.... But only problem is for the prepaid users wherein they get a ussd error.. right Appy??

    I am really satisfied with the overall performance, compatibility and will only flash it next for ICS... no more 2.3's for me :)
  10. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    Yes their is a lot problem about ussd for prepaid users
    when we check balance or try sending sms network crashes and this happens a lot often
    and igyaan has not even touched cherry rom he provided the same rom as it .anyone noticed that if he could have edited the rom then the cherry apps that are useless for us should have been removed and even the size of partitions are same measured in bytes
  11. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    exactly applicationz... even i was wondering the same how come igyaan let those useless apps on the stock... they just took the credit by copy and paste strategy :p.....

    by the way... applicationz ur rom is awesome i have gr8 battery life but i face problem with mic... should i update the baseband ....
  12. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    yeah try updating the baseband if you like it its ok but if you have some problem i will provide new baseband
  13. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Can u Provide me the new baseband i ll try it and compare it wid other 2 basebands
  14. vaiks

    vaiks New Member

    Thanks applicationz. This is the best rom that I ever tried on A85. It is very fast, decent battery and above all it is pre-rooted! Great job.
    One problem that I face in all GB roms is while playing hd movies on mx/mobo player, it does not support hardware decoding. It works in s/w mode though.
  15. chetank628

    chetank628 Active Member

    1)i would like to know this rom can be install using nv flash
    2)is this rom having the same notificatation pannel like that of the original one in a85 with those 5 shortcut ijust love that its very handy
    3)will it fix the gps isuue on a85 i am not able to get connect to any gps satellite using agps or gps loction using wireless network works well but real time gps is serious bug i tried many apps on android market which detect gps satellite but none worked
    4)wifi signal strength u require a strong network so that it can detect it
    5)all the above thing if this rom increases the performance of my device i will surely install it :itsme:
  16. pri88yank

    pri88yank Member

    I was using MMX 2.2 ROm, then nvflashed recovery, then downloaded the newROm and put it on the SD card. Then i wiped cache and data, then went for installing update from SD card---> choose file from sd card----> selected the new ROM.....then it says, unpacking ,installing---> then the third line is installation aborted....?

    The previous version of custom ROM also didnot work(going back to recovery) with my device......whats the issue? Can anybody please help?
  17. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    i have successfully installed this rom using NvMultiDown

    i was on igyan 2.3 rom
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  18. pri88yank

    pri88yank Member

    Great news:)............can you please elaborate how you installed it using NvMultiDown ,since "zip package contains directories & files" and we require ".img" in NvmultiDown . So please help.
  19. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    start NvM tool and browse extracted above folder
    now switch off phone
    press and hold vol UP and power button until green screen comes
    connect to PC and wait [NvM will will start working]
    your phone will reboot to new rom

    install drivers first before starting above procedure
    press and hold vol UP and power button until green screen comes
    connect to PC and open control panel\device manager and look for ATX device
    right click and update drivers
    browse to drivers folder
  20. pri88yank

    pri88yank Member

    Thanks for ur help......I also installed the new ROM yesterday.:D
  21. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Active Member

    Thanks a Lot applicationz
    Finally I have the ROM... Working.
    And I am really happy with this version.

    The good thing is it had to be flashed to the phone and the better part is that the ClockworkMod comes along with it :)
  22. abhishekayyaga

    abhishekayyaga New Member

    Can u tell me how to create a recovery for this rom
  23. simmer

    simmer Member

    when u install the rom via nvflash replace the recovery.img with the orignal recovery in the folder..
  24. salimrk78

    salimrk78 Member

    I have bought a used Micromax A85 in which there was 2.3.4 already present.I am facing severe network issues. The network keeps on fluctuating even though the phone is stationary.
    Can anyone help me solve this ?
    Does the applicationz rom or igyaan rom can help sort out this issue.?
  25. sandip thorve

    sandip thorve Member

    i need step by step process to upgrade this file :-(

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