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[Rom][5-17-12]Broken Out Connect 1.0 w/ Blitzkrieg Kernel

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  1. mtmichaelson

    mtmichaelson Well-Known Member

    Ok guys, sorry I have been away for a bit, have had a TON on my plate. If someone can get a list together for me on the bugs, I will try to address them all as soon as possible. When a list is compiled, just send me a pm, and I will see what I can do!!!

  2. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    i made a thread for bug reporting. should make things a bit easier
  3. XDieAndGoX

    XDieAndGoX Well-Known Member

    I am just posting some pics for all of you to look at. :p For those who do not like the current lock pattern layout that came with Broken Out, you can install Stetsonaw's Epic Blue theme from ROM Toolbox. :p

    Here is how it looks:



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  4. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    thats great but rom toolbox wont download the themes?? :(
  5. XDieAndGoX

    XDieAndGoX Well-Known Member

    You need to elaborate more on your problem.
  6. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    nevermind i had mass storage on i guess it needs sd card to work.

    its nice. what other themes work for this phone?
  7. XDieAndGoX

    XDieAndGoX Well-Known Member

    All themes that show up in ROM Toolbox should work. Before doing any changes though, remember to always have a backup in hand just in case. You can change the BootImage, Status icons, and a bunch of other things.

    Reminder: Not every aspect of some themes will work on your phone.
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  8. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    even the ones that say built for cm7?
  9. XDieAndGoX

    XDieAndGoX Well-Known Member

    Those themes are designed for the CyanogenMod7 in mind. I am not sure if those work for the Connect, but nothing truly harmful can be done to a phone from installing themes, provided that a backup is present. If it does not look very good, simply restore your previous theme.
  10. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    I also am a big fan of rom toolbox. I've purchased the pro version long ago. It does almost everything I could possibly need to do on my rooted devices. I was able to replace many apps with just the toolbox. Root explorer, overclock, kernal and build prop tweaks, SD card boosting, ad blocker, rebooter, themes, fonts.. so much more. Jrummy made a winner with this one.

    I don't use the full themes myself, I change icons and the status bar as well as boot animations with the toolbox individually.
  11. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    How's that working it for you (changing status icons), in my experience with it I tried the battery icon and it changed too the selected icon after about 15mins after reboot, and them when the phone went to sleep for an extended amount of time the icon would change back to previous icon until it was active again for another 5 or so mins..
  12. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    any updates on this rom? Im also still having issues with not being able to get Text to Voice to work.
  13. mtmichaelson

    mtmichaelson Well-Known Member

    I will be, just have a lot on my plate right now.
  14. akikhia

    akikhia Well-Known Member

    it caused my phone to restart at random the icon never actually stayed too
  15. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    Works fine, I've had no issues. Ill put up a screen of my current layout in a bit.

    Remember, with changing the battery icon you want to change it with one that works with the same increments as the one you are replacing. Since our phone shows battery life in increments of 1% you don't want to use one that reads in increments of 10 or 20%
  16. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    What of the one I'm replacing isn't the stock icon?
  17. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well' if its the broken out battery icon it reads in 1% increments.
  18. drcmaster28

    drcmaster28 New Member

    first i want to note that this is a awesome rom and thanks to all who have contributed to making this possible.

    ok i haveing a issue, i cannot pair with any Bluetooth devices i have tried readding the bluetooth files but nothing is working its a really good rom just no Bluetooth pairing whatsoever, no matter which backup i use it always crashes upon pairing (process com.android settings), i was wondering if anyone has a fix or knows how to go about isolating this error i cant be the only one
  19. VeNoMzRevenge

    VeNoMzRevenge Well-Known Member

    I would also like to say that this rom is awesome, it corrected so many issues i was having with the stock image. Its really nice to see this phone working better than when i bought it.

    Funny you mention that, I am having this same issue. Can't pair with another device. OR another MS840. Also, I rooted my wife's MS840 also, and she is having the same issues on the broken out rom.

    Haven't tried pairing a headset yet, although i am fairly certain that it won't work correctly.
  20. uncholowapo

    uncholowapo Well-Known Member

    It's a problem with everyone including me. I don't use bluetooth like my life depends on it though. I'm sure m will correct it in the next update.
  21. XDieAndGoX

    XDieAndGoX Well-Known Member

    Okay. I have been reading the posts in this thread and a lot of people seem to be having a problem with pairing new Bluetooth devices with their phones. The reason I disregarded this problem is because I rarely ever use Bluetooth myself and, if I ever use it, the Bluetooth device I use is already paired with my Connect, having done so when I was in stock. My phone, while on Broken Out, connects just fine with my already-paired device, it will just not pair with new ones as the Settings process crashes whenever an attempted to do so is made. My testing was done while trying to pair my Connect with my mom's BlackBerry Curve 8530 (Yes, she doesn't want to switch for some reason. e.e) Anyways, the process crashed as stated in this thread.

    Now, this is when my idea comes into mind (Its an idea, not tested it myself)

    If I am able to use my already-paired device without problems, why wouldn't someone else? The main idea behind all of this is to make a Nandroid backup of your whole device, then switch back to stock ROM. After doing so, use the settings of that ROM to pair whatever devices you usually connect to. When finished, download Titanium Backup and backup ONLY the following:

    • Bluetooth Pairings
    • Bluetooth Share 2.3.6 (I have two entries in my phone. Backup/Restore both if they appear.)
    • Brcm BluetoothServices 1.0
    • [SETTINGS/BLUETOOTH] Settings Storage 2.3.6

    When the backup is finished, restore your device with Nandroid backup you previously created. Once back on Broken Out, use Titanium Backup once more to restore the settings you backed up while in Stock. If my theory is right, the devices that you paired with should be listed under the Bluetooth Settings and connect with your Connect without issues.

    Like I said, this has NOT been tested, it is simply an idea that I had since my phone connects just fine with a Stereo Bluetooth headset I already had paired with my phone. Everything you do is at your own risk. If anyone does not mind going through all this hassle to test my theory, please post whether this worked or not. :)


    Of course, this is a temporal fix to the Bluetooth issue (If it does work) until MtMichaelson releases the new version of Broken Out.

    Good luck, guys. :)

    ** NOTE ** Like I always can never seem to stress enough, it is NEVER a bad idea to have a backup of everything before you do anything.
  22. X2Damon

    X2Damon Member

    Great rom! No complaints, very fast smooth efficient. Been using for about a week nd still working great, keep up the good work.
  23. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    I have a problem with my phone rebooting when I set the cpu speed to max. It just reboots on it's own without me even hitting apply and it goes back to default speed after even the governor won't stick. I am using romtoolbox and have deleted the init.qcom.post_boot.sh file.
  24. XDieAndGoX

    XDieAndGoX Well-Known Member

    Don't overclock unreasonably, be realistic. For this phone, overclocking is a really bad idea considering that the Connect functions perfectly at the clock speed the processor was manufactured for. Overclocking is just recommended for low-end processing speeds on certain phones. For this particular phone though, all that overclocking achieves is drastically increasing your battery consumption, risking the damage of hardware, and overheating. The excessive speed forced on the processor, not being built to handle it, is what makes your phone restart randomly and frequently. Simply put, the higher the overclock speed, the more frequent it will reboot at random points when the speed reaches that high level.

    The highest speed the Connect's processor runs fine overclocking is 1566MHz (I have mine at 1188MHz.)
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  25. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    Sounds good. 1188 it is. :)

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