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  1. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

    i will try and download the app. i have a feeling its the app itself because i registered and downloaded and finally viewed the superbowl on version 1.1 without a hitch

    2 minutes later: i dont see the actual app in the verizon section are you sure its a premium app? what's it called?

    i noticed the problem. the app does not recognize the carrier:broken out

    yo dev i think the carrier name should be named default. maybe that will fix the problem.
    mike if you need someone to help i am more than willing to learn i am more interested in learning about kernals but i want to learn about roms as well

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  2. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

    i think your right there's no reason for the phone to lag as it has. i am going to try trusty ole launcher pro.

    dev the stock launcher is definitely not compatible with this rom. i just tried launcher pro. its definitely faster, lighter on resources.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    While we all work together to advance our devices, it's only human nature for frustration to fuel misunderstandings. If you feel yourself getting a little hot under the collar, please step back and take a deep breath and come back looking to contribute to the topic, not the drama. Let's keep things on topic and civil folks. :D
  4. kip101

    kip101 Well-Known Member

    how do i change carrier name so it is recognized
  5. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

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  6. yulysia

    yulysia Member

    Thanks for this wonderful ROM! really appreciate
    Few things

    These maybe repeats but I see that ICS launcher doesn't play well with our phone.

    Wallpaper selection causes force closes
    Would like Launcher Pro as default as well. I've used it and competed removed the ICS via titanium and it has been working flawlessly

    Powerwidget is not working/ can't see the icons?
    Is there a way to remove the default unlock method? Just simple slide would be nice.

    Love the revised look from 1.0 to 1.1 just seems better

    Few questions. is it safe to remove


    I'm a very minimalistic person and this phone having 512mb of ram isn't much

  7. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Well-Known Member Contributor

    I haven't had much luck using Launcher Pro, it was causing a lot of freeze ups and everything else was running slow, also a huge battery drain. I seem to be having better luck with ADW.

    This should answer the question.

    As far as setup wizard goes, you should be able to dump that just fine. It's not a necessary function after setup.
  8. OscarLabobo

    OscarLabobo New Member

    Thanks mtmichaelson!

    I've installed the rom (v1.0) and its awesome!

    I too had the boot loop problem that others experienced and might be on to the cause, hoping that others can verify my findings...

    First a little background. I flashed my phone with the battery around 30% and when it was done it went into a boot loop. Going off what PantechOwner said, I plugged in the charger and it booted fine. I tried this a few times with the same result, charge connected it boots, no charger boot loop. I cleared the battery stats, wiped and re-flashed multiple time, I even re-downloaded the zip to make sure that was good, all with the same results.

    More interesting is that once the battery was fully charged, the phone booted without the charger connected. I'm going to try to see at what battery life % the loop starts, I'm down to 90% and still booting fine. Not sure if it's related to voltage or what but hoping others with this problem can confirm or debunk this theory.

    Thanks Again!
  9. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Well-Known Member Contributor


    I think that's what has happened to me as well. The other night, I forgot to charge my phone, it was acting weird so I rebooted it. Upon rebooting, it went into bootloop. I didn't try plugging it in, but I do beileve a low battery and boot looping may be related.
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  10. Jaguar115125

    Jaguar115125 Member

    This issue of bootlooping is not caused by battery or such. This caused by the way (order) in which you have flashed your device. I suggest you change the boot animation, doing so will cause the data logged to reset anew. If this does not work you need only flash the ROM in the correct order. ;)

    Yes the ICS launcher is unstable on our device, as such I would recommend ADW ex, as I have tried LauncherPro, ADW ex, and GoLauncher ex. ADW ex runs the smoothest with best customizable features to enhance our phones uses. :)
  11. Jaguar115125

    Jaguar115125 Member

    Theory Debunked, I can reboot just fine from charge percentage 10%-80%. Read my above post, and if you need assistance go to freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)
    Channel: #pantechbreakout
  12. OscarLabobo

    OscarLabobo New Member

    Thanks Jaguar115125, I am interested in trying what you suggested. Could you break down what the correct order is for flashing the ROM?

    Also, could you explain why you think my phone has been rebooting successfully everytime since the battery was fully charged? I am now at 79% battery life, and have rebooted many times without a problem.
  13. Jaguar115125

    Jaguar115125 Member

    Flashing ROM
    1. First you need to clear all cache in CWR
    2. Flash Broken Out ROM 1.0
    3. Now reboot, pull battery at Splash screen
    4. Clear all cache again (may seem redundant but I assure you its not)
    5. Flash Broken Out ROM 1.1
    6. Reboot
    7. Pull battery and officially boot up the device.

    As for the rebooting....this is because as you charged your device to completion the device set a new log information set up. Basically your device cleared the information that it took in from the bootlooping in first boot. If your device is not bootlooping as of right now than it should not do it again, no reason for a re-flashing of this ROM. If this does happen again then a re-flash would be best, but if you are up to it than I would say install a custom bootanimation as another option ;)

    PS: I have flashed the device this way have not seen any instance of bootlooping or fatal battery disturbances.

    Thanks to mtmichaelson for this great development :D
  14. kip101

    kip101 Well-Known Member

    hate to say it: heading back to stock. just for a bit .
  15. So based on Jaguar115125's and Oscarlabobo's information above I wanted to try one more thing before reflashing. I have had the bootloop unless plugged in problem for the last week. I charged to 100%, installed and ran the battery callibration app (which I did not have previously), ran the battery down to 0 without any rebooting (until it turned off on its own). Then I plugged in to charger and did not reboot until phone was nearly fully charged (with charger plugged in). Then when the phone was at 100%, unplugged from charger and rebooted without bootloop problem. Maybe the combination of booting at 100% and battery callibration resolved the issue? I'll see if it returns. If it returns I will apply Jaguar115125's reflash above; I was avoiding reflashing if possible.
  16. Jaguar115125

    Jaguar115125 Member

    PantechOwner, you should not have bootlooping issue again, (great job using the battery calibration btw) and if it does persist use a custom bootanimation before re-flashing as that will cause the data to be logged as new. I see no issue with the problem persisting though so I hope you enjoy this great development.

    This part is for mtmichaelson, Now I have been having the issue of the phone stalling and freezing with need of a battery reset, I will try and fix the problem but I ask very kindly if you would look into this as well. If any others would have any input on this as well all is appreciated :)
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  17. I also had a lot of lagging/stalling/freezing issues at various times, depending on how many different apps I run. Not running them at the same time, just running a lot of different ones.

    I really like this ROM though, internal memory is no longer something I have to be worried about and I like the look and feel. Thanks again, MTMichaelson!
  18. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    Hello, I am new to android but pretty proficient so far. I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of how risky it would be to try and flash this? I would like to give it a try, but I am hesitant to because I don't want to risk bricking my phone. Much appreciated :)
  19. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

    im not sure if you can do a nandroid backup. try looking it up. but if you follow the steps you won't get into too much trouble
  20. basoodler

    basoodler Well-Known Member

    is there a recovery file that can be flashed to restore the phone if we run into trouble?

    My biggest worry would be getting into a bootloop and not having the file for either RSlite or the zip to flash it back to stock.
  21. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Well-Known Member Contributor

    It is recommended that you download CWM onto your phone. This will allow you to create a backup of all your files and previous settings before the ROM is flashed. It worked for me when I wanted to go back to stock until I could figure things out more.

    If you have not installed CWM here is a link to download:
    http://androidforums.com/breakout-a...ntech-breakout-root-cwm-recovery-all-one.html (Just follow the instructions for installing CWM. You don't need to download or install the BreakoutRoot/BreakoutUnroot .zips).

    Follow the instructions, and there you go. This the backup/restore option will give you the option to backup on your SD. So if you don't like this custom ROM or just want to go back to stock, you can do that.

    Otherwise, you can just reinstall the stock ROM by flashing this:

    Should you get stuck in a boot-loop with this ROM, try plugging it in. That seems to get it out of the loop.

    I hope you find this helpful.
  22. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

    Like the guy above me do a backup in cwm. I dont like cwm.

    As long as you can go into the bootloader your fine. Search and power button. I recommend flashing the pre update download and load it in your sd before booting anything or backing up anything.

    Ive run into trouble with cwm backup a bunch of times in the past. To eliminate headache just start a fresh in case theres problems later.

    You always want to start a clean slate when flashing roms especially when messing around with kernals. I usually just keep a clean slate factory rom along eith titanium backups.

    When i wipe i wipe the following
    Format data

    Alot of people might aay its unnecessary but i have had the least buggy experiences since being safe
  23. Jaguar115125

    Jaguar115125 Member

    We have to remember this is a work in progress being a fairly new ROM ;), but the way I have found to get around this issue is not to open such big apps i.e: ROM Toolbox with pretty much any app. If you don't know what ROM Toolbox is it changes bootanimations, fonts, it scripts, etc... I hope that helps on your own app finding preference :)
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  24. nraines

    nraines Member

    I followed this with minor modifications. Step 1 - I wiped data, cache, dalvik and battery stats. Step 2 - 6 no changes and forgot to do battery pull for Step 7. I haven't had any bootloop issues after following these steps. I did run into some stalling/freezing, but as Jaguar mentioned, I was running large apps and making sure all of my other apps still worked. I'll report back if it happens with normal usage.
  25. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Well-Known Member Contributor

    As far as the freezes go, I have had issues with those. But I have been using Autokiller Memory Optimizer to kill things before playing a game or something that requires a larger amout of memory. That seems to be working for me.

    Now for something completely different... :confused: Has anybody been having issues using Bluetooth? I've been trying to connect to Ford Sync via Bluetooth and it's had issues finding and pairing to the device.

    Also, when I try to connect my phone through Bluetooth, my phone's clock stops (in the status bar). Also my clock widget (Band O'Clock) shows a completely different time as well, could be 10 minutes off of what the system clock is (but still not the correct time).

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