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  1. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    A FroYo Rom​

    Are you all ready for some Romen? I have been busy in the kitchen all day
    cooking some up for you. I made this rom with simplicity in mind. It is just
    a base for us to jump from. It is deodexed so this should pave the way for
    themes on 2.2.1​

    The Ingredients:
    • 2.2.1 OTA Based
    • Rooted
    • DeOdexed
    • Zipaligned
    • BASH shell
    • nano command line txt editor
    • Custom Font
    • Custom Boot Animation
    • Heapsize Increased to 32M
    • Bloatware Removed
    • Added Astro, Terminal and SpareParts
    • BUSYBOX!

    To flash this ROM you must ALREADY be on 2.2.1 (FROYO)
    with a custom recovery. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    The standard warnings apply, flash this at your
    own risk, I will not be held responsible for bricked devices or
    even unsatisfactory behavior. You probably wont like this
    rom until themes and addons come as is is stock with just
    a few tweaks


    • Download ROM
    • Place on SDCARD
    • Wipe Data/Cache/Dalvik-Cache
    • Flash

    I have a full time job, an active social life, and more android projects on my plate than I know what to do with. That being said I dont plan on doing much updating or support for this rom. This will more than likely be the final release I do plan on releasing some flashable updates in the future. And if there are any bugs I will try to fix them the same way.

    I did this mostly so the themers in the community would have a deodexed rom to work with. If you make a theme (either metamorph or update.zip) this should be able to apply to any other rom based off the same 2.2.1 framework (if its deodexed) I do plan on making a theme (porting one anyway remember that luna theme? Its open to port now) in the coming weeks.

    I would like to thank Trident, for his updater script and some pointers on avoiding common pitfalls, and the guy that made the Scribble boot animation, its pretty cool, and whoever made the kitchen without it deodexing would be a PITA

  2. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer


    01/27/11 Maintenance Patch:
    Resolves error with permissions on /data causing soft reboots when downloading and installing apks from market, also reinstalls busybox and toolbox correctly. Flash in recovery, no wipe required. You only need this if you flashed the signed_012611_FroyoROM.zip package.

    01/28/11 Maintenance Patch:
    Fixes USB/MS toggling to PC, added dependent system applications, lots of fixes. Flash in recovery it is necessary to wipe cache and dalvik-cache. This fix applies to 012711 FroyoRom build.

    01/31/11 Maintenance Patch:
    Fixes Gmail and adds YouTube. The main download has not been updated yet, this fix applies to all versions 012811 and before. Flash in recovery, no need to wipe

    01/31/11 Stock Email App UPDATED:
    The Stock Email application, deodexed. Flash this in recovery, no wiping required.
    UPDATED: Doesn't throw your phone for a loop anymore!

    01/28/11 Stock Clock App:
    The Stock Clock application, deodexed. Flash this in recovery, no wiping required.\


    01/31/11 Stock Theme:
    This will flash the stock theme used in 012811 build. You can use this to go back to the stock theme from any of the other choices. Flash in recovery, don't wipe anything.
    UPDATE: Update script doesn't tell you to wipe anymore.
    UPDATE: Doesn't throw your phone for a loop anymore

    01/30/11 JAMT:
    Originally made by Classical Gas for Oxygen. Resupplied to us by GRZLA, flash in recovery dont wipe anything the font is included.
    Updated: Death2All110 edited the background of the notification pull down to be semi-transparent.
    Screen Shot

    01/30/11 Elegant Steel:
    The Elegant Steel theme has been packaged for A Froyo Rom by GRZLA, flash in recovery no need to wipe anything.
    Screen Shot

    01/27/11 Luna Theme (beta):
    Remember the Luna Theme? Well the developer has opened it up for free porting! I whipped this together really quick and only did minor testing (which is why shes still in beta) As of now it is not the FULL luna theme as I was only able to easily modify about half of the apks. Flash this is recovery, dont wipe anything.
    Screen Shot

    01/27/11 GingerBread Theme:
    I took GRZLA's Gingerbread4Froyo theme and repackaged it so it would work here. I didnt do a full port, you will notice the settings menu at the bottom has black txt on a black background. Other than that its all good. Oh and I changed the font aswell.
    Screen Shot

    Boot Animations

    Flash these boot animations in recovery, no wiping required!
    Screaming Droid
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  3. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer


    Can I flash themes or apply metamorphs from 2.1?
    No, themes for this rom will need to be made for the 2.2.1 framework, if you apply a 2.1 theme to this rom you will break it.
    How often will you update?
    Once the rom is good and I have confirmed it to be bug free the updates will slow, I anticipate doing a monthy update.
    Why don't I see any scripts in the ROM?
    Well. I have come to the conclusion that a rom should be about choice, with this in mind rather than focusing my energy on scripts to make changes to the rom, I will be making as many flashable "mods" and "themes" as I can. Passing the control down to the user.

    Changing your Font
    I have verified that the flashable font packs from XDA will work on this ROM with no modification, simply download your desired font, transfer it to your SDCARD and flash in recovery. These fonts found on XDA are not signed, so you will have to turn your signature verification in recovery off to flash them. There is a huge list available to choose from.
  4. shag04

    shag04 Active Member

    just installed it wiped everything and ive had like 5 random reboots seems to mostly happen when i try to install a app from the market
  5. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Seems to be a permissions issue, should be simple enough to fix. Ill have a flashable fix mid day tomorrow
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  6. Mitchell4500

    Mitchell4500 Well-Known Member

    Nice this is what we need :D
  7. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    I have put a maintenance patch in the 2nd post which will fix the soft reboot issues. I also updated the OP with new files already containing the fix, you wont need to flash the patch unless you downloaded this this morning or yesterday
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  8. chevyrado14

    chevyrado14 Well-Known Member

    can i flash this if i got 2.2 from the lg updater? im rooted and have amonra
  9. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    To flash this you must have 2.2.1 with custom recovery.

    So yes. Dont forget to make a backup
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  10. eharlow49

    eharlow49 Well-Known Member

    Great work on this ROM. But, for some reason I can not open Gmail. It just force closes instantly. Other than that, this ROM is great.
  11. lukestuffy

    lukestuffy Well-Known Member

    There is a gmail update on the market. That fixes the issue.
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  12. cb3p0

    cb3p0 Well-Known Member

    i flashed and now when i try to turn on usb mass storage it just unmounts my sd card from the phone and does not show up on the computer
  13. eharlow49

    eharlow49 Well-Known Member

    I cant believe i didnt think to check that. Thanks man
  14. Matt's 175

    Matt's 175 Well-Known Member

  15. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, didn't notice as I always use adb push. Working on it, little confusing but shouldn't be long.
  16. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    So I was busy cooking tonight and was able to fix all the off flavours the ROMen! I have released another maintenance patch in the second post and I will update the main course with these changes tomorrow.

    The new taste is accomplished by a moderate dash of missing dependent system files and some more salty permissions. I would have to say it is much better now.
  17. eharlow49

    eharlow49 Well-Known Member

    I also just noticed when I went to set my alarm that clock 2.2.1 is missing. Im currently looking for a stock download but thought I would bring it to your attention. Thanks again for this great ROM.
  18. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    I just saw your post and realized I didn't put it in the maintenance patch. Its called DeskClock and I was thinking it was a widget. Since I still had all my tools open I even made a nice little recovery flashable zip
    Clock Flavored

    Download Me Here

    Flash in recovery don't need to wipe
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  19. wrath_00

    wrath_00 Well-Known Member

    ASWOME JOB!!! Works great so far keep up the great work.
  20. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Updated OP with 012811 FroyoROM build. Fixes USB issue and adds dependent system apks
  21. swc2001

    swc2001 Well-Known Member

    Very Nice.
  22. Matt's 175

    Matt's 175 Well-Known Member

    Anyone care to post any more screen shots? Or does it just look exactly like stock?

    ^ EDIT.. NVM.. I see the OP got edited.

    Has anyone tried both this and the Bryron ROM? Thoughts?
  23. blackclouds

    blackclouds Member

    go go buffalo!

    works smooth so far, i hope i dont regret it that i didnt make a backup before i upgraded.
  24. tucsontd

    tucsontd Member

    This may sound stupid, but is the main download updated, or do we need to flash that as well as the patches? BTW, savoix, thanks for the work on this and i hope that you get the thanks from others as well.
  25. chevyrado14

    chevyrado14 Well-Known Member

    The first post is updated iirc

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